Why are car batteries so expensive?

If you have owned a car for years, then you have thought of battery replacement, right? Your car battery has a specific service life. After that, your old battery won’t be as effective as it was new once. Your car will show some signs like a late start, dimming headlights, and much more.

Last week, I went to a car shop to get a new battery. But wait! The battery price is much higher than the last time I saw it. It raised a question in my mind; Why are car batteries so expensive now? Why is it gradually increasing? To find out, stay with us.

Why are the companies using expensive batteries?

You should have probably noticed that car companies are using more expensive batteries these days. Well, they do this for a reason. New cars come with unique features like keeping you warm/cold, starting your car from a distance remotely, 24-hour surveillance, etc.

Besides, if you own an electric vehicle, you should know how much power your car needs to operate. Electric vehicles also depend on the battery for their movement. The engine of such a car is powered by electric technology.

Battery manufacturer companies have to make more effective batteries to cope with these growing power demands. Likewise, they have to keep concerned about the reserving capacity of your battery. In some cases, it would seem like using an expensive battery is completely unnecessary, though.

How much is a car battery? Details car battery cost

Car battery prices are not stable nowadays. So, when you are looking for a new battery for your car, you should keep a clear idea of What is the average cost of a new battery? Remember, your traditional and electric vehicle battery prices are not the same. 

Ev batteries

The term EV battery simply refers to an electric vehicle battery. You would like to picture a lithium-ion battery when talking about Ev’s battery. A lithium-ion battery or lithium battery is a rechargeable battery like your cellphone’s battery. You can find these batteries in almost every electric car. Likewise, some hybrid vehicles also use these batteries these days.

Since EV batteries produce the most power compared to others, they will cost you more. An electric car battery can cost you up to 6000 dollars. Hence if you want a luxurious car like the tesla model s, you need to consider the price.

Lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of battery to use. Usually, almost all light vehicles use these types of batteries. They produce less power than EV batteries, so you can’t use them in electric cars. But they are suitable for most hybrid vehicles which have fuel engines.

This type of acid battery will cost you the least. Most of the time, it won’t cross a hundred dollars. So, if you want a cheaper battery, you should go for this one.

AGM batteries

AGM (also known as absorbent glass mat battery) is an advanced lead-acid battery. It’s an updated version of your traditional lead-acid battery. These batteries are specialized to produce more electric power than the standard battery.

You can use the AGM battery instead of those lead-acid batteries if you have a higher budget. But it’ll double or triple your cost. So, you have to spend around 250-300 dollars to get one of these batteries.

Why are car batteries so expensive? Let’s unravel the mystery

If you have replaced your battery soon, you can feel the price is going higher day by day. Some factors like battery grades and battery capacity maintain the price.  However, many other reasons influence the pricing of batteries:

  • Essential part

The battery is the central core of the car’s electrical system. A 40,000 dollars car is worthless without a battery. Sometimes a car battery is compared to a heart. Without a battery, you can’t even start your car. Also, you will miss all the essential features your car offers you. So, your car is merely a toy when it’s out of battery. 

  • Good warranties

Did you ever notice that the cheap batteries don’t come with a warranty? Whereas the batteries with slightly high prices offer you some tempting offers. The offers are like,” If anything happens to your battery in the next 3 years, we will pay you back double the cost of the battery.”

Battery manufacturers offer these types of offers because they want to assure quality to customers. They also take the risk of your car battery for the next 3 years. So, this makes sense when they are so confident about the quality.

  • Low-cost maintenance

Once you change your car battery, you can leave it to be for months. You don’t have to maintain your battery every week like your engine oil or other components. You need to check the acid level of the battery at least once in a month. 

When talking about EV battery maintenance, they will cost you almost nothing. Like your cell batteries, they won’t need maintenance. You just need to keep it charged, or you will end up with a dead car battery soon.

  • Less availability

Recently, the government has imposed some rules and regulations regarding battery production. It restricted the massive production, distribution, and disposal of lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid battery manufacturing is considered harmful to the environment. So, these rules make batteries less available today.

  • Costlier component

Another reason for an expensive battery is the components inside it. Components like sulfuric acid, lead plates don’t come at a cheaper rate these days. The company has to invest a lot of money to make or collect these components.

  • New tech

Battery technology is evolving day by day. More effective batteries are coming to the market. These new techs allow these new batteries to produce more power, where the average size of the battery remains the same. Take your traditional battery, for example. It can offer you less electric energy as compared to the AGM battery. AGM battery is also a lead-acid battery. But it’s more capable of fulfilling the demands of your car. 

  • Long battery life

If you don’t want to end up with a dead car battery, you should know how long your battery will survive? Well, a lead-acid battery will survive up to 5 years before it completely dies. The same goes for an AGM battery. An AGM battery can survive up to 3 to 5 years. But the battery life of an electric car is far more than that. Like Model S batteries, EV batteries can survive up to 10 years. So, they usually will cost you more for this prolonged life.

Why are electric car batteries so expensive?


Electric vehicles are the latest version of car technology. These new cars entirely depend on the battery to function.EV batteries are essentially a bunch of larger cells arranged like suitcases. The reason behind using these gigantic batteries is delivering far more energy. 

The electrodes and cathodes in these batteries are a massive combination of various expensive components. Expensive ingredients like lithium, manganese, cobalt, and nickel are converted into compounds for your battery. So, it’s normal for the price to go up.

Best car battery for the money

When choosing the best battery, you should consider battery power, capacity, grades, etc. As technology advances, many convenience features in today’s cars require more electric power. Besides considering the car battery grades, battery capacity is also essential.

An electric car uses a lithium battery as its power cell. These batteries are made to produce more energy than usual. Despite the higher price, you will always have to use an electric car battery(hybrid battery) in your electric vehicle.

Lead-acid batteries or AGM batteries

You can use a battery pack of AGM batteries or lead-acid batteries as a substitute. Though the AGM battery has proved to be more effective than a lead-acid battery, the difference between these two is less noticeable. So, if budget is not a problem, you should go for the AGM battery over the traditional battery. 



No matter how expensive or cheap a car you use, you should have faced battery replacement several times. If you don’t change the battery in time, you will end up with a dead battery. So, to get uninterrupted service, you’ll need to get the old battery changed.

Nowadays, battery prices are sky-high. But it’s for a good reason. It’s not like changing your new phones every year. Once you have changed your battery, you don’t have to worry for years. Besides, if you want cheaper batteries, there is always an option for you. But in the case of an electric vehicle, you can’t be economical.


  • Do more expensive car batteries last longer?

Though the expensive batteries have superior stats, they won’t matter in real life. You’ll never know which battery is going to survive enough and which is going to die. But bigger companies compensate you for expensive batteries if they don’t last long.

  • How often should you replace your car battery?

In the case of a typical car battery, you should change the battery every 3 or 4 years. But in the case of a rechargeable battery(EV battery), you don’t have to worry for at least 10 years.

  • How much should you spend on a car battery?

Usually, you should spend 50 to 100 dollars to get a standard battery. You should spend about 150 to 250 dollars to get a premium one. The number should be more than 5000 if you want an EV battery.

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