Service Tire Mobility Kit

A service tire mobility kit is the essential kit that’s located in the trunk of the spare tire. This kit consists of a sealing compound and an air compressor that helps to reinflate the spare tire. This kit is essential when you’re moving on the highway and seeing the warning light glaring from the dashboard. 

However, still many people are confused about what a service tire mobility kit is and how to reset it. Therefore, we’ve come up with this guide to make all the facts clear to you. 

What Is A Service Tire Mobility Kit?

When you have purchased a vehicle you might get a full-sized spare tire along with it. This is a common phenomenon for most vehicles, especially trucks. However, nowadays most car manufacturers provide tire mobility kits for spare tire service such as
service tire mobility kit ford fusion, service tire mobility kit mustang.

A service tire mobility kit is also known as the tire repair kit or tire inflator. This kit helps to set up and reinflate the spare tire when it’s needed. During any emergency situation, this kit plays a vital role to continue your journey without further hassle. 

A tire service kit generally takes less space in the trunk than the space a spare tire may take. This kit comes with an attached hose, an air compressor, and an integrated bottle that contains a thick sealant. You may find a Ford tire mobility kit for sale outside if you don’t get it with the vehicle.

While you’re using the tire service kit, you don’t need to input any physical strength. This is just because you don’t require removing the tire. However, a spare tire mobility kit may not be helpful if the puncture is larger or located on the sidewall. Also, it won’t work well if the tire is separated from the wheel. 

If you find your ford fusion service tire mobility kit flat, the valve stem of the tire should be attached with the kit inflator hose. 

How Do You Reset A Tire Mobility Kit?

The sealant comes with any tire repair kit such as
ford c max service tire mobility kit, ford zmax tire mobility kit has a specific service life. When the warning light glaring, that means it’s ready for Ford tire mobility kit sealant replacement when it’s needed. 

You can contact the local dealer after removing the can and checking the part number. You can purchase the replacement from the dealer if the dealer is able to Ford tire mobility kit replacement. However, when you have exchanged the expired can, you can simply put the temporary mobility kit back into the trunk. 

Now it’s time to reset the warning light. You might have provided an owner’s manual with your vehicle. Scroll in that service manual and find out the mobility kit reset option. There you’ll be able to select the time as you wish to warn you whether you need a new can of sealant.  

Final Words

We have tried to include all the facts regarding the Service tire mobility kit. Hope this article will help you to repair your car’s tire more effectively than ever before, and the most interesting fact is that you can do it on your own and without any physical strength.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

  • Where Is The Tire Mobility Kit On A Ford C Max? 

Ford C Max provides a spare tire mobility kit instead of a spare tire. This repair kit is placed on the trunk of the spare tire. This kit includes a canister of tire sealant and a small air compressor.

  • Do Mustangs Come With Spare Tires?

No, you Mustangs have no spare tire. Instead of a are tire or jack kit, the Mustangs comes with a mobility package for tires. However, you can buy a spare tire when purchasing your car, which might cost you more money. 

  • How Do You Use A Ford Tire Mobility Kit?

When you’re going to use a Ford tire mobility kit, you should make sure whether your car is safely out of the road and traffic well as you should set the parking brake perfectly. This way you can prevent unexpected occurrences of moving the vehicle when fixing the tire mobility kit. Finally, you can use the Ford tire mobility kit following the above mentioned procedure.

  • How Do You Use Tire Sealant And Inflator?

The most inexpensive and fastest way to use tire sealant and inflator is just by attaching the hose to the valve of your car’s tire. Put all the contents of the can into the tire until it’s empty and keep driving. 

  • What Does Service Tire Mobility Kit Mean On A Mustang?

The service tire mobility kit on a Mustang means a temporary mobility kit that contains a sealant compound that can be used for tires only. This kit comes with a sealing compound, an air compressor, and a canister to seal tire punctures effectively. 

  • Is Tire Sealant Bad For Tires?

No, tire sealant is completely safe to seal tire punctures more effectively. However, using tire sealant might not be a permanent solution so far.

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