How To Reset Tire Pressure Light (Turn Off Tire Pressure Light)

As a new driver or car owner, how do you reset the tire pressure monitoring system? Are you wondering how to reset tire pressure light? You might find the TPMS light is on even after inflating your fires, which means now it’s time to reset the system. 

You should always check your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system whether it’s active or not. However, if you still feel hesitant about how to reset TPMS, we’re here to guide you. No matter if you have a new or used car, from now on you’ll feel confident to select the ideal tire pressure. 

Why Does My Car Need A Low Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an advanced alerting system that warns you the car’s tire pressures are very low. This item will illuminate as a warning when any fault is detected. Monitoring your tire pressure light is very crucial, as low pressure can result in tire loss or accidents. 

The tire pressure monitoring system not only helps to prevent accidents but also improves fuel efficiency, reduces braking distance, decreases tire wear.  As well as it also warns about many other problems existing or impending. 

While you have a faulty monitoring system, you can fall in certain danger as well as let you spend some additional money. So whenever you feel that tire pressure light still on after filling tires in ideal psi, check the TPMS system and reset it as fast you can. 

How To Reset The Subaru Tire Pressure Light?

Generally, when your car’s tires are inflated properly, the light turns off automatically. However, sometimes it may remain on even after filling the tire with the right psi and that indicates faulty tire monitoring system. 

To eliminate this occurrence you have to take some measures. Here we’re going to show you how to turn off low tire pressure light by taking some measures.

Using Reset Button 

There are two types of tire pressure monitoring systems- direct and indirect. If your car’s TPMS system is direct, you can simply reset the tire pressure sensor by just pressing the reset button or you can follow the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual. 

On the other hand, if the system is indirect, you must need a scanning tool or magnet to reset it. However, you can get these tools from a dealer or buy them yourself. Many people got confused about where the TPMS reset button is situated. Don’t be hesitant, many cars have their system reset button inside the glove box or in the rim. You just need to hold the button for a minimum of three seconds. 

Inflate The Tires

Every time you’re going to drive your car, you should check whether your car is inflated properly. Generally, you have to set “zero” at the beginning, so it is important to inflate all the tires properly. Without proper inflation, the sensors might show incorrect results. 

Check The Battery

Many sensors have a battery in the car as a power source. If your car uses a battery, make sure the battery isn’t dead. Replacing the battery every five years is quite ideal. On the other hand, if the sensor has a built-in battery, you have to replace the whole system. 

Discharge Your Car

First, you need to disconnect the positive cable of the battery. Then turn on the car and honk the horns for a minimum of three seconds. This way your car will be discharged if it has any power store. After reconnecting the battery, you might find the pressure warning lights are off.

Drive At A Minimum Of 50 Mph

One of the simplest ways to reset tire pressure warning lights is driving your car at 50 mph or above. This way the tire pressure sensor can be reset automatically when you’re going to turn the car on. 

Why Is It Important To Maintain Proper Tire Pressures?

Why Does My Car Need a Low Tire Pressure Monitoring System? This is one of the most common questions for new drivers or car owners. However, the answer is here. The tire pressure monitoring system is an advanced alerting system that warns drivers when tire pressures are too low.

In this modern era, TPMS is a crucial element of any car. Its innovative technology notifies drivers if tires are low on pressure.

This way owners can be alert for maintaining the right psi and stay safe from uncertain dangers. While checking the psi manually every time can be a hassle, TPMS light notifies quickly whether any inflation is required and helps to maintain proper tire pressure.

While many people ask, can I remove the TPMS function instead of resetting it? The answer will be “absolutely no”. And you might have already realized why you should have a tire pressure monitoring system in your car.

What Is The Recommended Tire Pressure?

Maintaining ideal psi is very crucial for a safe journey. A recommended ideal tire pressure will help you to get the best mileage.

While driving on low psi can cause premature wear that results from increased friction, overinflation will give you a bouncy riding experience and make it tough to handle. 

However, many experts recommend 32-40 psi as the ideal tire pressure for the best result.  

Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Still On After Filling Tires?

One of the most common occurrences facing car owners is the tire pressure light still on after filling tires. There are some reasons behind low tire pressure light blinking even if your car’s tires are fine. Here are some common reasons for tire pressure light blinking.

  • Faulty TPMS Sensor
  • Extreme Cold Weather
  • Malfunctioning in Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Recent Tire Replacement
  • Unreplaced battery
  • Damage by any substance ex; a tire sealant
  • Internal fault or short circuit
  • TPMS of the spare tire (if it has low pressure).

How Do I Know If My Tire Pressure Sensor Is Bad?

There are three common symptoms that indicate your tire pressure monitoring sensor is bad. You will realize your tire pressure sensor is bad when

  • TPMS warning light illuminates
  • Low Air Pressure in the tires
  • Provides incorrect warnings


So you might have learned how to reset the Subaru tire pressure light. From now on, you may not need to spend some additional dollars for hiring any experts. You can simply reset your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and have a safe journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

  • What Does A Flashing Tire Pressure Light Mean?

If you see your Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light flashing, this could mean you have to replace the battery used by it or it might be indicating problems with any sensor. 

  • How To Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Tpms Light On Chevrolet

There is no specific step you should follow to reset the tire pressure monitoring system on Chevrolet. You can follow any of the above-mentioned steps that seem to be effective for your Chevrolet.

  • Why Is My Tire Pressure Light On When My Tires Are Fine?

This could happen while you have a faulty TPMS sensor, riding in very cold weather, unreplaced battery of the sensor, low tire pressure on the spare tire.

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