How to Remove Windshield Wiper Scratches

Are you an enthusiastic car owner? Do you have wiper scratches on the windshield? Are you in trouble on how to remove windshield wiper scratches? Don’t worry. It’s very easy to fix.

Well, there is nothing for you to be bothered about. While driving, scratches on windshields may cause disturbance in your visibility which often results in several accidents.

Moreover, The wiper scratches on the windshield seem to be irritating but you don’t need to be bothered because more often it is easily fixable. There are even a number of ways to remove it properly. 

Anyway,  you will come to know about how to remove windshield wiper scratches after reading this article carefully as we’ve adorned this article with a detailed guideline of how to remove fine scratches from windshield.

Examining the scratches with fingernail

It is mandatory to justify the types of scratches using your fingernail whether it is repairable or not if you want to repair it as soon as possible.

As it is very easy to test so it can be conducted by anyone. You have to just move through your fingernail around the damaged or scratched area.

However, If you feel that the scratches are superficial then you can repair it by using various removers and glass polishing kits. For instance; toothpaste, nail polish, cerium oxide, and other polishing kits are basically used to remove the scratches.

On the contrary, If the scratches seem a bit serious, then it is highly recommended to go to a windshield scratch repair shop near you.

Causes of windshield wiper scratches

The causes of windshield wiper scratches are mentioned below :

Faulty wipers

Using faulty or worn out wipers can cause scratches on the windshield.

On the other hand poor maintenance of the wipers are sometimes responsible for scratches of different sizes.

Worn out wiper blades

The worn out wiper blades which contain rough edges and thin wiper blades often expose the metals.

As the metals come in contact with the windshield the scratches occur.

Squeaking and streaking while wiping 

The faulty wipers with rough edges lead to grinding, squeaking, scraping and several irritating sounds while using it.

Rough Cleaning 

The wiper blades won’t be able to perform a task properly if it is cleared roughly. You have to operate the windshield wipers and in fact the whole windshield to have a better wiper performance.

So due to the careless cleaning of wipers, it will become incapable of cleaning the windshield and may leave wiper scratches on windshield

Dry condition 

If the windshield remains in a dry condition at the time of wiper moving then wiper scratches may happen.

Remedy for windshield wiper scratches

Are you worried about your windshield wiper scratches and don’t know
how to remove deep wiper scratches from windshield

Then we are suggesting you some solutions here:

1. Removing scratches with toothpaste

Do you know how to remove windshield wiper scratches with toothpaste?

The process is very simple and easygoing.

You can eradicate your windshield wiper scratches with the help of toothpaste as it is one of the cheapest scratch remover compounds.

Hence, we are providing you with some information then you will be able to know how to remove scratches from windshield with toothpaste.

Required components 

Here is a list of the
best glass polishing compounds using which you can comfortably dispel scratches from your car’s windshield wipers. 

  • Toothpaste
  • Lint-free old cloth
  • water

By maintaining the following steps you can fix the  scratches by yourself. Here you go;

  • Step 1 : First of all, you have to make the windshield dry along with a lint free, old damp cloth.
  • Step 2: Add a certain amount of toothpaste to the microfibre cloth.
  • Step 3: Rub the scratched area in a circular motion for about 20 to 40 seconds and let it be undisturbed for some time most probably one or two minutes
  • Step 4: Wipe the excess amount of paste.

2. Cerium Oxide and Acrylic polish

Required materials:

  • Cerium Oxide
  • Acrylic polish remover
  • Water

Cerium Oxide removes fine wiper scratches from your windshield.Constitute a mixture of cerium oxide and lukewarm water in a 2:1 ratio.

Furthermore, the required amount of water can be added depending on the level of damage.

Besides acrylic polish used in removing fine wiper scratches from windshield.

This polish gives extra protection to your windshield and  also it requires no mixing.

Moreover, cerium oxides and acrylic nail polishes are amazing glass polishing kits.

But you should keep in mind that too much pressure is prohibited.

3. Use of Baking Soda

The windshield wiper scratches are usually lighter, not deeper.

       Required materials in this case

    • Baking soda and
    • Water

The wiper arm scratched windshield

can be repaired by using a paste which is made by using an equal quantity of baking soda and normal water. 

After that you should apply the paste on the scratches and rub it in a circular manner with a microfiber damp cloth.

Do it again if needed.

4. Cleaning process

Buffing should be done properly and removing the extra paste that is used on the scratches is an important thing.

After that the windshield should be cleaned in a straight manner.

Deep scratches of windshield 

When the windshield is deeply scratched then you should not take a risk to repair it by yourself.

At that time, you should go for car scratch remover shop near

Windshield scratch repair kit

When your windshield gets attacked by small stones while driving on the highway.

Sometimes it may create small chips or web-like cracks on the windshield.

You need not to worry because you can repair the cracks with a windshield repair kit.

Here we are suggesting you some windshield scratches repair kit as follows:

  • The Rain-X 60000
  • The Permatex 09103
  • The Blue-star repair kit
  • Cleanshield Windshield repair kit
  • 3M Windshield repair kit 08580

Well, repair kits are a complete package of your windshield wiper repairing task. Compared to the available windshield wiper scratch remover, compact kits are much more reliable as well as handy enough to perform better.

But your lighter scratches won’t bother you if you repair it yourself. So observing the depth of your scratches is a must before doing anything. 

Windshield wiper scratches repair cost

Your nearby shops may cost $100-$300 for repairing the windshield wiper scratches.

Most often, we can see that the wiper scratches are not so deep and anyone can fix it by himself.

If you are able to repair it then why waste money! 



  • How to remove fine scratches with toothpaste?

Toothpaste is one of the cheapest windshield scratches remover.

First you have to use the toothpaste which contains baking soda on a microfiber or lint free cloth then rub the paste circularly on the scratches for one or two minutes.

Repeat it when needed.

  • How do I get windshield scratches off my windshield?

First of all you have to examine whether the scratches are deeper or lighter as light scratches can be dismissed.

To get windshield scratches off you need scratches removers as well as windshield repair kit.

For instance using toothpaste,acrylic polish or other removers in the right way can help you to get rid of your windshield scratches.

  • Can I remove blade scratches?

Blade scratches can be removed by windshield polishing kits from your favorite car.

The shallow blade scratches can be fixed with the help of toothpaste,cerium oxide or an acrylic scratches remover.

Each time the types of scratches will determine which repairing  process it requires.

  • Can scratches be removed from the windshield by toothpaste?

Obviously. Toothpaste can effectively demolish scratches from your car’s windshield.

If your scratches are not so severe then toothpaste can assist you as it is a cheaper scratches remover and easy to manage.

  • Can I remove scratches from glass?

Obviously, scratches can be removed from your glass at home. But if you feel hesitated or confused doing it yourself, you can consult with our specialists here anytime you want. Even there is a proper guideline being attached here.

You can also search on the web as a windshield wiper scratch repair shop near me and take full assistance from your nearby mechanic. 

If your scratches are not so deep, then you may likely use toothpaste,mild soap, lint free old cloths, chemical remover and so on to remove fine scratches from your glass.

Concluding Thoughts

Your car is like your baby to be taken care of properly.  When you find any single spot on your child, you seem to be much more uncomfortable as you care the most for your beloved ones. 

Windshield wiper scratches are very much bothersome. When you drive, you can’t perform your eyesight properly simply because of the existence of wiper scratches. 

In fact, it becomes more irritating when it rains and you are driving at the same time. So if any single scratch is noticed, remove it as soon as possible. If the scratch appears deeper, don’t take risk, consult with a repair shop mechanic. But if the scratch seems a bit lighter, then remove it yourself following the instructions given here in our site. Have safe and sound driving. Best wishes from 

the core of our hearts.

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