How to Remove Tire from Rim: With and Without a Machine

You’re driving down the road and you unexpectedly hear that unpleasant “thump, thump, thump.” As your car slows down, you realize it’s nothing but a flat tire. 

But that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that you don’t know how to remove a tire from the rim. Well, you are not alone. Around 60% of millennials don’t know how to change a tire.

A flat tire may incite your stress levels by showing up abruptly. Let us relieve your stress with this informative article that explains how to remove a tire from the rim with a machine and without a machine.

Removing a tire without a machine

Changing or
removing a tire from the rim will look like a hard nut to crack if you’re a novice. But it doesn’t require much skills to fulfill the job.  All it takes is perfect guidelines, a little bit of mechanical skill, and the appropriate tools to remove a tire from the rim.

What we are going to show you is a step-by-step guide on how to take the tire off without a machine. This way you can also save your tire blowout repair cost.

Materials needed

  • Lubricant. Some oil or dish soap will also do the trick.
  • Tire iron, Crowbar, or a Prybar. 
  • Schnader or Presta or any tool to extract the Valve Core. You can also use Pliers as an alternative. 
  • Screwdriver
  • For the bead breaking part, you will need a Jack and a sharp knife. We also recommend cutting the tires with a Sawzall
  • Optional: Tape, Tire Bead Breaker.

The procedure

  • Find a safe location

 As soon as you discover you have a flat tire, do not suddenly brake or turn. Slowly decrease speed and check your surroundings for a wide space or parking lot. Do not think of changing your tire in a narrow space near oncoming traffic. Slowly keep moving until you find a safer location.

Turn on the hazard lights. Especially if you have a blown tire at night. The hazard lights will enable other drivers to see you if you have a blown tire on the highway. To avert an accident, turn them on as soon as you discover you need to pull over.

  • Deflate the tire

Now it’s time to let off some pressure. You have to open the air cap to deflate the tire(remove the valve core from the valve stem). You will need a core removal tool for that.

A valve core removal tool is a handy tool that resembles a screwdriver and it’s really inexpensive.

The valve core or also known as an air cap is a pressure sealing device that maintains the air pressure inside your tire. This rubbery or metal cylinder is located on the core of the tire. Use a Presta or Schrader valve tool to remove the air cap.

Threading and twisting the valve stem will let you take the cap off easily. Twist it in a counterclockwise direction. Now release and let the air exhaust.

  • Taking the bead off

This is the most significant part of removing the bead from the rim. It’s near the internal circle and the end of the tread. Strong adhesive and braided steel cable connects the bead and the rim. The bead bundle can be broken in three simple ways.

  • Drive to knock down the tire. The bead will easily pop out. But make sure you are not driving onto the rim. Repeat this a few times. It will break the bead of the tire.
  • The next method is to transfer the whole weight of the car on the tire. You will need a suspension tool to do this. Raise your car with a jack and lower it partially. After lifting the vehicle, place the tire underneath the jack. Now adjust the jack to lower the car onto the bead part.

Warning: We do not recommend this process if you are an amateur. Mounting a car with a suspension and going under it can be dangerous. In this case, we suggest expert or professional supervision.

  • This method involves cutting the bead off. Cut it with a knife or saw blade. You need to carefully follow the seam of the bead so that it doesn’t touch the rim. Avoid damaging the metal part.

Do not let the blade veer in the direction of the tread. Use a wooden towel in the already cut sections.

  • Lubricate the edge of the rim

Carefully lubricate the rim’s edge and the bead after breaking the bead. Lubricating everything will make it effortless to pry the tire.

Apply as much lubricant as needed. Taping the ends of the rim will prevent the metal from being scratched.

  • Remove the tire off the rim

You are probably wondering about how to cut a tire off a rim. It’s that easy if you have a pry bar, screwdrivers, or a Sawzall. Firstly, put the tire on a smooth surface. Step on it to create pressure. The pressure will force it open.

Jam the pry bar slowly on the open part of the wheel. Position the bead over the rim. Use a screwdriver now to bead the other part of the wheel. Then continue prying on the other half.

The tire should easily come off at this stage. You can also use this technique to remove a tire from rims for scrap. Now you know how to remove a tire from the rim at home. It was not that tough, was it?

Removing a tire with a machine

If you find removing a tire off a rim by hands too hard, time to pull out the big weapon. A tire-changing machine will let you skip most of the lengthy process of detaching the tire from the rim. So let’s talk about
how to remove a tire using a machine.

1. Deflate the tire

Use a valve core removal tool for removing the tire valve core and deflate the tire completely.

2. Break the beads

Before taking the tire off the wheel, unseat both beads of the tire from the wheel. On the right part of a tire changing machine, you will find a bead breaker. You can operate it with a foot pedal.

Roll the tire using the foot pedal. The tire will roll between the arms of the bead breaker and the soft part of your machine. The pedal will take the bead off the the wheel. Flip your wheel to break the bead of the other part.

3. Clamp the wheel

  • Inside clamping

Inside clamping does what it sounds like. It clamps your wheel from inside. While the clamps are together, put the wheel on the clamps. Then the foot pedal will do the inside clamping. It will make fhe clamps to widen. Now your wheel is securely locked in the center.

  • Outside clamping

Outside clamping clamps the outer part of a wheel. The clamping will start once the clamps are widened to fit the outer part of the wheel. Put the wheel on the clamp and lay the tire on the clamp. Shove the wheel down into clamper’s jaws. Now your wheel is securely locked in the center.

4. Take the tire off the wheel

Once the clamping is done, now you will need to place the mount/demount head to the end of the rim. Lowering the hex shaft a little will do the trick. Place the duckhead on the outside of the flange and place the demount head over the wheel.

The foot pedal will start rotating the turntable clockwise once the upper bead is placed over the duckhead.  While the turntable is in rotation, put pressure on the tire. Pushing downwards lets you take advantage of the wheel’s drop center.

To take the tire off the wheel, do the same with the lower bead. Now it’s time to shove the hex bar away. Move the duckhead away from the wheel. Now the tire can easily be removed with some force from your manual tire changing machine. Hopefully, you have learned how to change a flat tire.

Before using a tire-changing machine, what should anyone know?

  • Go through the operator’s manual and follow all safety precautions.
  • Securely lock the wheel hold-down device.
  • Remove valve core.
  • Keep your hands clear of pinch points.
  • Use the appropriate tools.
  • Use adequate lubricant to seat the tire.
  • Never mount damaged tires or wheels.


1. How to remove tires from the rim at home?

You can remove any tire by prying it loose from the rim with a few tools at home. Save money and take off any tire in a pinch with a pry bar and screwdriver.

2. How to remove a rim from a car?

Here are the steps-

  • Park your car.
  • Put wheel chocks in an appropriate place.
  • Loosen lug nuts.
  • Lift the car.
  • Place a jack stand.
  • Remove lug nuts.
  • Remove the tire and wheel.

3. How to remove tires from a rim by hand?

  • Deflate your tire.
  • Separate the tire’s bead from the rim.
  • Apply lubricant to the rim.
  • Raise the tire with a pry bar and screwdriver.
  • Pry out the tire and remove it.

3. What is the first step in separating a tire from the rim?

The first step is to pick up a core removal tool, deflate the tire by removing the air cap from the tire.

4. What tools are used to remove tires from a rim?

Many tools are used to remove tires from the rim. Such as Lubricant, Tire levers, Tire iron, Crowbar, Prybar, Schnader or Presta, Screwdriver, Jack, Knife, and a Tire Bead Breaker.

5. How to change a tire of a truck?

Truck drivers can radio dispatch to find the nearest truck stop to let them know they’re coming there with a flat tire, or they can try to change the tire themselves just like us.


Hopefully, you have learned
how to change a tire on a rim either by hand or using a manual tire changing machine.

Whichever way you prefer, the techniques of removing a tire from a rim are very simple and easy to follow.

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