How to Fix a Flooded Engine: Causes and Solution

In the car engine, there must have a perfect ratio of fuel and air to get a spark into a fire. Sometimes, the engine doesn’t get enough air for fire and fails to start. Failing to start with enough air is known as a flooded engine. However, if your car can’t get enough air with fuel, it’ll flood now and then.

As car owners, we all have this kind of bitter experience when we try to start our car in the morning. A flooded engine can’t delay your journey if you know how to fix a flooded engine. 

It’s okay if you don’t have the knowledge. You are on the right site to enhance your knowledge of flooded engines. Read till the end to know the cause and symptoms of a flooded engine and learn the best way to fix it.

What Causes Engine Flood?

Flooded engines are a common problem in carbureted engines but hardly occur in fuel-injected engines. Typically it happens in cold weather. 

Typically, you start your car just a few meters and turn it out. Or it can happen anytime if you accelerate very hard while starting your car and hit the gas panel too hard.

There might be a chance that your car engine is not getting enough air to ignite. It also happens continuously when spark plugs get wet. 

Moreover,  spark plugs get wet when you start your car and move a few meters and turn it off. This plugs wet because the fuel in the cylinder doesn’t get burned enough or hasn’t much time to evaporate.  

But how do you know if your engine is flooded? Let me tell you the most common symptoms of a flooded engine.

Flooded Engine Symptoms

To fix an issue in your car, you have to know what’s the problem. If your car turns over, it’s not that battery troubling to start. If it’s a flooded engine, there are some common but strong signs to identify it. 

  1. Your car engine will turn over but won’t start 
  2. Engine may spin first, but it sounds abnormal. 
  3.  Dark smoke comes from the exhaust line.
  4. The odder smell of fuel or gas comes from the exhaust line.

How to Fix Flooded Engine

The flooded engine now has a connection to water. The only way to fix the issue is to re-establish the balance of air and fuel in the engine.  Sometimes there is less air ventilation into the engine, which floods it. Soken spark plugs are another concern. Whatever it is, these techniques we’re going to discuss can fix the issue easily.

There might be several ways to turn on your car when it’s flooded. But here, we’ll discuss the simple but effective way to manage that issue. 

  1. Leaving your car idle for a few times can get it back to work. For better results, you can open the hood also. If your engine gets enough time to fill the combustion chamber with air again, it’ll work then. At this time, some oil or gas will evaporate and will make a perfect ratio of air and fuel automatically. Now try to start your car but don’t press on the gas pedal. It’ll work only when the spark plugs are not wet. 
  2. Another trick is pressing the gas pedal when the engine is totally turned off. This will let the air airflow to the engine and make a balance between air and fuel.
  3. Another way is, holding the pedal to the floor and trying to start again and again. It opens the throttle and ventilates the air. In a few seconds, the engine will start again. Then release the pedal and run the car for a few minutes.
  4. If all these techniques don’t work, this might be for soken spark plugs. The thing you need is to open the hood and clean it. If you don’t know how then consult with a technician.


When your car engine is flooded with oil or gas, you’ve to be concerned about some matters to avoid the worst situations. Unless it can damage your battery or engine, first, if you’ve to move a few meters, then move it. 

But before turning off the engine, keep it turned on for a couple of minutes, then turn it off. Second, if the engine is flooded, don’t press the accelerator too much, as it can worsen the situation.

 Final Words

In some cases, a flooded engine can fix itself. But if you know the reason why it floods, you’ll never do the wrong thing repeatedly. A flooded engine is a very simple and common issue. 

With just a few tricks and techniques, you can fix it. Here we’ve tried to know you all about flooded engines so that you can handle the issue like a smart driver. I hope your drive is safe and comfortable.


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