How To Clean Corroded Car Battery

If you are facing issues with your vehicle while starting up, then you might have battery-related problems. When you open the bonnet and ensure there’s a scabrous white or blue substance on your battery or not. 

You will find some corrosion on a car battery. However, it’s risky to clean it without having proper knowledge about it. That’s why it is essential to know how to clean/remove corroded car batteries.

If you don’t prefer cleaning the corrosion yourself, it’s better to hire an expert mechanic for help. Otherwise, if you want to clean yourself, follow our step-by-step guidelines below to clean your corroded battery safely.

What Are the Reasons for Corroded Battery?

One of the most common questions is,
what causes battery corrosion? The sulfuric acid and hydrogen gas that leaks from the battery induce rusting on clean battery terminals. This vapor is often expelled out of the battery’s vent units, but at other times, some of it seeps through other parts.

This vapor reacts with other gases, the engine’s warmth, the parts of the battery, and the copper in the battery cables to form corrosion. The temperatures beneath the bonnet may reach 250 degrees, causing the metalwork of the terminals and the plastic case of the battery to swell at opposing rates.

It is essential to know how to clean battery terminals and how to clean battery corrosion. Cleaning battery terminals is not a difficult task. You don’t have to visit a mechanic often to get the job done. You just need to know how to clean corroded car battery contacts.

Steps to Clean Corroded Battery Terminals:


  • Ensure Safety First

Check if there is any leakage of acid around the battery or not. If your battery is leaking acid and damping in the tray, it might be a symptom of something more serious than superficial corrosion. In this case, you need to know how to clean battery acid.

Remove the battery, check and test it, then clean battery acid from the tray with battery terminal cleaner. Battery terminal cleaners work effectively to remove the grease.

You can generally scrape away all the rust using baking soda and water. To begin, gather all of the necessary equipment and tools for the task. For safety purposes, it’s better to wear rubber gloves. Then check if there is any car battery leaking. Automobile battery terminals leak a lot, so check thoroughly.

Next, get a package of baking soda and some water from your kitchen cupboard. Next, scrubbing the terminals with a battery cleaner, scrubbing brush, or even an old brush is a good idea. Finally, get some old clothes that you don’t mind getting soiled as well.

The baking soda will help to neutralize battery acid and the white stuff on the battery. So, these were the steps to remove battery acid and how to clean off battery corrosion. This is the best way to clean battery terminals.

  • Disconnect The Battery

Another matter of safety and a key point is that your car’s sensors will lose data if you disconnect the battery connections. Certain vehicles require a battery tender to provide 12V of electricity to the engine’s electronics on all occasions.

Check to see if your automobile loses data, and if it does, disconnect the battery terminals by removing the clamps’ nuts so that the posts and terminals can be cleaned adequately. If you meet any resistance while removing badly corroded terminals, or if the bolt is excessively tight, stop there and don’t rush.

Mix the solution currently and be careful not to damage the terminal. You need to know how to disconnect a car battery or how to remove a car battery and how to replace battery terminals before doing all of this. 

  • Mix The Solution Safely

The mixture of water and baking soda should be enough to complete the task. Begin with mixing one tablespoon of baking soda into 1 cup of water until all of the baking soda is dissolved. If your vehicle’s battery is heavily corroded, a specialist cleaning is preferable.

These are the steps on how to remove battery corrosion or how to get corrosion off the battery.  It is also imperative to take steps for battery terminal corrosion prevention. It is also necessary to know why do batteries corrode. Cleaning battery cable is significant to prevent battery cable corrosion.

  • Scrub The Battery

In this step, you have to scrub the battery for battery acid clean-up. Next, scrub the terminal to remove all rust and spray a special oil on the terminal’s bolt. After this procedure, disconnect the terminal to clean it.

The terminal is sometimes so badly rusted that it must replace entirely. After the terminals have been cleaned, clean the battery posts with a rag.

It’s best to clean the batteries of electronics with a mild agent like vinegar or lemon juice or less strong detergent. All of these will have a neutralizing effect on the battery acid.

Hydrogen gas and sulfuric acid are released, which causes the positive terminal to get corroded. As the gases react with the environment inside the battery, it produces corrosion. Knowing the causes of corrosion can help to prevent it.

It is fundamental to know how to clean corrosion in remote controls as well. Rubbing alcohol is the best way to remove corrosion in electronics like a remote control.

Corrosion is also a sign of a bad battery. Corrosion can indicate several problems, such as overcharging or undercharging the car, and it can be a sign that your battery is deteriorating.

One good news is that you can still clean battery terminals while connected, and you don’t necessarily have to disconnect them.


How do you clean a car battery with coke?

After disconnecting the battery cables, pour a small amount of coke over the rusted parts. Next, use a toothbrush to scrub away the corrosion and finish by wiping off the residual coke with a towel.

2.   How do you clean car battery terminals with vinegar?

 You can use vinegar to clean a car battery because it neutralizes the alkaline leaking of the car. Unfortunately, after adding a few drops of vinegar to the car’s corroded parts, you have to wait for a few minutes for the magic to take place.

3.   How do you clean up car battery acid?

You can use Vinegar and lemon juice to remove the corrosion. This should be followed by a thorough cleaning with a toothbrush and then using a towel.

4.   How do you clean car battery corrosion without baking soda?

 You can use Carbonated water instead of baking soda to wipe off all the rust and corrosion. Coca-cola or any other carbonated liquid does the same job as baking soda mixed with water.

5.   How do you clean battery corrosion in toys?

You can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean battery corrosion in toys. Of course, a cotton swab soaked with alcohol should work too.

Final Words:

One of the easiest methods to prevent the build-up of rust and corrosion in your battery is to take good care of it. Battery cleaners can absorb the vapors and grease and leave your battery squeaky-clean if rust develops on the battery. 

This article discussed everything that you need to know before cleaning/removing a corroded car battery. To avoid any risk, we always recommend wearing protective gear and removing jewellery before starting the work.

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