How To Charge a Car Battery Without Jumper Cable?

Stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery terrifies your journey. Boosting for a jump can solve your problem. 

But if there are no tools or cars in sight, charging your car battery without jumper cables can be the only way to get rid of this situation. 

But how to charge a car battery without jumper cables? Okay, fortunately, there are some ways to start a car. And it’s not difficult to start a car without another car. 

With some toolkits and knowledge, you also can do so.  In this blog, we are going to demonstrate some ways those really work when your car battery dies.

How does a car battery recharge? 

A rechargeable battery in a car supplies all the electricity in the car. The First Car battery supplies electricity to the engine. By turning the ignition key, electric signs go from the car battery to the engine. Once the engine starts, the battery reverses the process.

With the running engine, the alternator converts fuel energy to electric energy. Then this electricity recharges the car battery again and supplies power to the electric parts of the vehicle like headlights, radios, speakers, dashboards, etc.

So you just need to start your car with a dead battery to recharge the battery.

How to know if it’s a dead battery issue or not?

Before you step forward, jumpstart if the battery is the main concern or not. First, check out the following signs:

  1. Turn on the ignition key and see if the headlight is dim or bright. Dim light is the sign of a dead battery. 
  2. While turning on the ignition, if it cranks slowly, It’s for a dead battery. 
  3. Check out the dashboard light and stereo; a dead car battery may cause dim light.
  4. After all, check the battery. Maybe you can find the problem. 

How to start a car with a dead car battery?

In this situation, how you can start your car without jumper cables depends on what car you’re driving, is it manual or automatic. l? Both types have different ways to start. 

For Manual Transmission Car:

Manual transmission cars require just a little momentum to start the engine. So if you possess a manual transmission car, you need to locate the car in an elevated place. The slope will make your work half done to get the momentum to start the car. 

On a flat road with an extra heavy car, two or three men need to move the car on the road. Pushing forward with enough force will help to gain enough momentum to start. While getting momentum, turn on the ignition key and shift it to second gear. After getting momentum, release the clutch to start the engine. If it doesn’t work, press the clutch again and again to start.

For Automatic Car:

In the case of an automatic car, you can’t start it with a downhill push. But there are some ways to start your dead car battery. In modern automatic cars, there is a plugin port to recharge a car. You can use some household items to jumpstart a car. So, what household items can you use to jumpstart a car?

You can start an automatic car with these household items given below:

  1.  Jumper Box
  2. Portable charger
  3.  Solar Panel

Jumpstart an automatic car with a jumper box

The best way to charge a car battery without jumper cables is a jumper box. A Jumper box is a small battery to recharge a 12V battery. Basically, you can use it to jump-start your car. Most of the jumper box has integrated cables to connect with the car battery, so you just need to connect with the terminals of your car battery. 

  • Make sure all functions of your car are off, like headlights, stereo, radios, etc.
  •  Open the car hood and locate your car battery. 
  • Connect the red clamp of the jumper box with the positive terminal of the car battery and the black clamp to the negative terminal. 
  • Turn on the jump starter and wait for a few minutes. Then turn on your car.

If the car starts, then you are done. Detach the cables in reverse order. Moreover, if you find how to charge a car battery without terminals, then the next two options are best for you.

Jumpstart with chargers:

Modern cars have ports to charge. You just need a charging cable and cigarette lighter. The only thing to do is plug the charger into your cigarette lighter. Ten to twenty minutes is enough to recharge and jump-start a car. 

 You can start your car with a dead battery with other energy sources also. Starting an automatic car with a charger is just as simple as charging a phone. You just need an energy source to supply power to a dead battery.

Jumpstart with the solar panel:

It’s as simple as starting with a cigarette lighter in the car. You just need a solar panel for this work. Locate the panel where it gets maximum sunlight. Then plug it into the cigarette lighter to fully charge. Then restart your can, and you are ready to go. Just don’t forget to unplug the solar panel.

This is all about how to start an automatic car with a low battery without jumper cables.

Final words:

Starting a car with a dead battery without another car is not a tough task to do. Both automatic and manual transmission cars have their way of jump-starting because both cars function in different ways. 

However, when you are stuck on the road with a dead car battery, you can overcome the situation. You just need some technical knowledge and toolkits with you. This changing without jumper cables is a safe and worthy process when you need it. 

Finally, one thing to say is to keep an emergency toolkit in your car so that you can fix simple problems on your way.


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