How Much To Patch A Tire?

Imagine a situation, when you are driving on the country road, listening to your favourite music, and suddenly one of the tires is damaged or punctured. In a matter of seconds, the smile from your face vanishes.
What can be more dreadful than getting a flat tire on a sunny morning for a car freaks? A flat tire is tantamount to an unexpected nuisance beyond dreams.
Fortunately, tire patch cost is not a huge burden to bear. But here comes the crucial question: how much to patch a tire? Before we give a clear-cut answer, let’s first find out the possible causes of car tire patch. 

The reasons to Patch a Tire :

There are a number of unexpected reasons for which you may face the bothersome flat tires and have to patch them. These reasons can be both natural and man-made. They are: 

Sharp Objects: 

Along with
tire debris, there are several small sharp objects left on the road by careless people.  These objects can be broken glasses, leftover nails, industrial residue or anything similar.
As their size is unnoticeable, it is unlikely that you ever notice their appearance on the road. Punctures caused by such objects are small but precarious. 

Bad Terrain: 

If you drive through bad terrains for a long period, this will lead to tire corrosion. And the eventual consequence of this corrosion leads to flat tires. To avoid this, the tire needs regular check-ups. 

Wheel and Rim Bent: 

If you drive through potholes at more than normal speed, the car wheel and rim will bend and the tire will lose air. Driving with such a predicament can cause tire leak as well. 

Other Causes: 

Among other reasons for a flat tire, collison, overinflations, and bad weather exposures are the common ones. These all cause wear the tire out slowly. But surely, you will see your nightmares coming true. 

What to do in case of Flat tires? 

As we now established the fact that
flat run tires are a nuisance we all have to deal with, it is now essential to know the way of salvage operation.
Before exploring tire patch cost and tire patching services near me, you must know the possible options that you have. You have certain tasks to do before going to the tire repair shop. 

  • Assess the situation

The first and foremost task is to find out how grave the situation is. A buddy of mine went to the repair shop without being sure about the patch. He was bamboozled to find that the real problem was somewhere else.
To avoid such embarrassing events, you have to ensure whether you have a flat tire or not. Assess the tires and find out the exact place of the damage. 

  • Find and Wash

To find out the damaged spot, you should check any nails or similar sharp objects in the tire. If the damage is not that much bigger, you may hear air leaking sounds stemming out of the tire.
In that case, buddy, you should wash the tire properly. You may find bubbles coming out from the damaged tire spot. In this manner, you shall locate the damaged part. 

  • Patch the tire

Though patching tires can be a DIY job, it is not a prudent choice to do so. It is a complicated task and everything may end up in an unexpected mess. So, it is well advised that you bring the vehicle into a tire repair shop near you.
Don’t drive with the leaked tires. It may damage the rim. If you have no way out, install the spare tire before driving. Then go to the tire repairman and find out what he can do for you.  

  • Plug the hole 

Tire plugging is another method of dealing with tire nail repair. Though it is not suitable for covering a large chunk of area, it is good for covering up the damages made by screws or nails. 

Plug vs Patches: Which one is best?

Tire plugs and tire patches are both smart ways to deal with flat tires. However, there are some crucial differences  between these two ways.
The first disparity is that plugging tires is effective when the leak is a bit smaller. Tire plugging cost is less than tire patching cost. Cost to patch a tire is expensive and they are suitable for large holes.
You should remember that plugging is not a permanent solution. It can be suitable for tire nail repair. Patching, on the other hand, is much more durable and expensive. Choosing between them depends on your requirement.

Can I patch my own tire? 

Yes, it is possible to patch a flat tire by yourself if the leak is not that much. You need to be an experienced car freaks to do so. You must buy tire kits, then need to remove the tire, and patch it separately afterwards.
Then you need to install the tire back to its place. However, this complicated task can be challenging for you alone. So, we recommend you to go to a professional tire repairman. 

How much does it cost to patch a tire?

Average tire patch cost can vary depending on the size of the damage. In most cases, $20 to $30 is enough to repair a small sized patch.
Many auto repair shops near you may do it without even taking much service charge. Some tire companies provide their customers with free services. If you are lucky enough, you can get the repair for free.
The mechanic can also ask a bit more for the bigger holes. It is no wonder that the sidewalls of a tire are more likely to be damaged easily. So watch out that part for any potential puncture.
For those who can patch their tires themselves, you have to manage only some necessary tools. The sealant, the pump and all others can be covered within 50 bucks.
But what to do if the tire is beyond repair? Well, in that case, simply change the tire. A new tire can cost you $150 or more. But it gives a better edge and smooth driving experience to you.

Repair vs Replacement 

Repair and replacement are two options that come with different pros and cons. If the tire leak is small, it is better to repair it. But in case you have repaired the tire a few times before, it’s best to replace it.
While repairing will cost you not more than$50, tire replacement costs can turn out to be somewhere between $150 to $250. Moreover, replacement doesn’t guarantee a non tire leak situation.
So, it’s up to you whether to change it or repair it. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages, then decide.

Last Words :

Car tire fix isn’t a herculean task after all. You can repair a flat tire within a reasonable price. However, you must be choosy and discreet about leak repairs.
As soon as you find a problematic tire, try to fix it. Take care of your car for a healthy journey.

Here, we leave you, buddy. Happy driving!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive with a nail in my tire?

The answer is a bit complicated. Though you can definitely drive with a nail in the tire, you shouldn’t. If the tire is lodged tightly in the tire, it may not cause any problem for some time.
But there is always a chance of tire blowout with this. Then you have to bear more than average tire repair cost. So, this is not a prudent choice. 

Where to get tire patched? 

There are a number of tire repair shops near you. You just need to find them out. Tire repair costs in Walmart or in the Firestone can be affordable to you. You can get some discount on tire patching as well. 

How much to patch a tire at Walmart? 

In most cases, tire repair in Walmart tire centre will cost you 10-12 dollars. However, it completely depends on the size of the puncture. A big hole will cost you more than the usual price. 

How long can you drive on a patched tire? 

Tire patching is a more permanent solution. Therefore car experts suggest to expect from five to ten year service from a patched tire. However, patching more than once is considerably a bad solution. 

How much to patch a tire at walmart? 

Tire repair cost at Walmart starts from $10. They have a number of good Auto repair centers across the country. On average they charge $15-20 for normal tire patching.

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