How much does a car battery weigh? 

Have you ever tried to change your car battery on your own? It’s too hard to move, right? I once tried to change my car battery, and I ended up with a question in mind: what the hell is this thing made of? Why is it so heavy?


Well, it’s not always the same for every car battery, and this weight can vary from car to car. You can easily guess a car battery’s weight by its appearance.  Lightweight car batteries weigh less than hybrid car batteries. Let’s talk about how much does a car battery weighs.

Why do you need to know the car battery weight?


Your car needs power for door lock, automated windows, headlights, air conditioning, and much more. Proper functioning depends on a suitable power source. Since you don’t want your car to die on you in a critical situation, you need a basic idea of how much power it requires. In almost every case, the size and weight represent the power. So you have to keep a clear idea about the car battery weight.


It’s hard to know how much your car battery weighs. But you need to know the car battery weight because:


  • It will help you easily swap the battery with a new one.
  • You can supply the proper amount of power to the car for functioning.
  • You need to keep the net-weight balanced of your whole car.

Why are car batteries so heavy?


A car battery contains lead-acid cells and sulfuric acid. Lead is 11 times heavier than water, which is why a car battery can weigh up to 100 pounds. A battery is usually made of plastic, lead plates, acid bucket, and much more. 


These are the reasons for a battery being too heavy and bulky. Battery weight can vary for their size like a motorcycle battery is much lighter than that of a Tesla car battery. The power supply of a car determines whether a battery is heavy or light.


A battery’s weight also depends on its service life. A new battery is heavier because the acid and lead plate is unused. When we used a battery for years, it started to electrocute and decay. 


Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of battery. Though car companies also use Lithium car batteries in hybrid or electric cars. The reason behind using a lithium-ion battery is it’s lighter than a lead-acid battery but will cost a bit more. Another battery type is the LiFePO4 battery. It’s a better version of a lithium battery, and it’s much more effective and costly.

How heavy are car batteries?


There is no specific weight for batteries. Battery weight can vary depending on the function of the car. The average weight of a standard car battery is around 40 to 50 lbs. But this number is not fixed for every car. The same size lead battery is heavier than the same size lithium-ion battery. 

How much does a large car battery weigh?

Like a hybrid car battery, a large car battery needs more energy to operate than the usual ones. Hybrid car battery and the average truck battery can vary from 60-100 lbs (30-50 kg) depending on functionality. 


The more energy a vehicle will need, the bigger the battery gets. Likewise, the semi-truck battery weight is around 50lbs(28 kg).

How much do electric car batteries weigh?

Electric cars need more power and electrical energy because it’s functionality depends on their battery. An electric vehicle doesn’t use fuel to operate. 


So the battery needs to produce more energy than the average truck battery. The battery capacity of an electric car battery weight is around 700-1000 lbs(350-500 kg)

How much does a Tesla car battery weigh?

Tesla is a fully electric-functioning car. Its battery technology allows it to use electricity to do every function. So it needs a much bigger battery than a hybrid car or even a usual electric car. 


Tesla car battery weight usually is around 1000 lbs, but the new tesla model s uses a 1200 lbs(544 kg) battery to operate.

How much does a lightweight car battery weigh?

A smaller battery produces less energy. But how little can a lightweight battery weigh? It can be down to 7 or 8 lbs, and this battery type can barely operate a motorcycle. Usually, a lightweight car uses a 20-30 lbs(10-15 kg) battery.

Weight of electric cars vs gasoline?

A gasoline car battery produces less power because it needs little power for functioning. A gasoline car battery generally uses its energy to start up, open or close doors or windows, etc. 


But batteries for electric cars do much more. They have to produce more power; hence the car’s engine gets power from the battery. Batteries in electric cars take up a huge space as they are larger. 


Car battery weight chart


Battery weight by popular model:


Vehicle model BCI group Weight in pound(lbs) Weight in kilogram(kg)
Honda accord 47 35 15.9
Toyota Tacoma 27F 50 22.7


How to determine the weight of a car battery?

You can check the battery weight by simply guessing it by its appearance. Different sizes, different BCI groups represent different weights. If your vehicle battery has a label on it, look closely. 


You’ll see the weight is written in lbs or kgs. If not, you can find a BCI number to check the weight.  If the battery label is worn off, you can always check the owner manual to find out the car battery’s actual weight.


Besides, you can check a battery’s weight by lifting it. The used or dead battery weighs less than the new battery.

Do heavy car batteries work better?

Yes, the heavy car batteries work better. Heavy car batteries are capable of producing more energy. They reserve more power than the usual vehicle also. If you have options to insert a heavier battery, always go for it. Because the heavier it is the best.

What are the signs that your car needs a new battery?

Your car battery can die on you anytime, but it’ll leave signs before it becomes fully dysfunctional. Let’s see how you can understand that the battery is about to die.


  1. Your vehicle takes longer to get started than usual.
  2. The lights, fans, and air conditioning system start to work less.
  3. Your car starts smelling like rotten eggs( smell of acid)
  4.  Your light on the dashboard starts to dim.


You can always check the battery life on the dashboard, though.


Batteries in electric cars are concerning matters if you own a car. You have to keep a clear idea about the battery your car uses, how much it weighs. It will get you almost no time if you get into trouble with your older one. 


If you are thinking of changing the older battery for your vehicle, choosing the specific weight of the battery is the primary key to success. Batteries of the same weight usually provide the same power. So keep an eye out for the proper weight of your car battery.


  • What is the weight of a 12-volt car battery?

The average 12v car battery weight is 40-45 pounds(18-20 kg). But this amount can vary depending on size, BCI group, service life, and much more. A 12-volt battery can serve you for 4-5 years.

  • What is the lifespan of a Tesla car battery?

Tesla car battery life is about 120,000 miles or equivalent to eight years. After eight years, the Tesla car needs a new battery to function, whereas the battery life of a lithium car battery is around four years.

  • How much does a car battery cost?

Regular car batteries will cost you around 50-60 dollars. But if you are looking for a heavy truck battery, it can cost you 150 dollars or more. Tesla and other electric cars’ batteries will cost you up to 1000 dollars.

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