How many amps are car batteries?


We all know that most cars come with a 12-volt battery. But most of us do not become aware of how many amps are car batteries. But, maintaining or changing, or properly charging your car battery, is a critical issue to know.

The car battery amp depends mostly on a cold cranking amp that is called CCA. 12 volt car battery amp is measured in cold cranking amps.

You may not be familiar with these terms. But do not be worried. In this article, I will help you know the necessary terms and the best charging process to get the right power.

Everything You should know about amp ratings

Ampere rating indicates the battery storage capacity. Amp ratings also depend on the internal reaction and materials of the battery. Generally, a larger battery comes with a higher amp rating. However, car batteries have ratings ranging from 550-1000 amps.

You may find two types of amp ratings for most car batteries. One is called crank amps, and another one is called cold-cranking amps. To know how many amps are car batteries, you must learn the cold cranking amps of the batteries.

Things to know how many amps are car batteries

Some terms and matters are essential to know how many amps are car batteries. When you learn them in detail, you will quickly understand the issue.

Car batteries are generally lead-acid types. Now sealed Lead-Acid battery is mainly used because of the vibration resistance property and maintenance-free feature.

Then let’s learn battery voltage. Most of the lead-acid batteries of the car are 12-volt car batteries. But the actual voltage is not the same. The voltage mostly depends on the battery model. A Deep Cycle battery or AGM battery that is not working and has full charge will show 13+ voltage.

But for a 12-volt car battery, the voltage never goes above 15 volts.

The capacity of a battery is determined by Amp Hour. From Amp-hour, we know that the car battery provides certain amps for 20 hours. 

What are Cold Cranking Amps?

Cold Cranking Amp determines the ability of the car battery to start it in cold temperature. We know that you can start a car in warm weather more quickly than in cold weather. So, to see the battery’s starting power, you must see the CCA rating.

The number of the amps of a 12-volt car battery at 0 degrees Fahrenheit can start in 30 seconds while the voltage is at least 7.2 volts. So, a higher CCA rating is good for starting performance of the car.

Reserve capacity of a battery

Reserve capacity is also vital to know battery amps. However, you can understand how long your car battery can get discharged from the reserve capacity when the amp rate is 25 amps. If the reserve capacity of your car battery is 120, it means that your battery can give 25 amps for 120 minutes.  

How many amps need to charge a car battery?

From most car battery chargers, the battery gets two amps per hour. For this reason, the battery gets fully charged in 24 hours. Though this charging rate is very low, it is good for the battery’s lifespan because there is no tension of overcharging.

Of course, some battery chargers are available that come with a fast-charging feature. But it is better to use a 10 amp charger for the safety of the battery. But you should remove the battery from the charger before overcharging.

Measuring car battery amps: Why is it necessary?

It is essential to know car battery amps to charge your car battery safely. You can use a multimeter or a battery tester to check the battery ampere.

But from a multimeter, you will get the voltage measurement. But from the tester, you will know the amps. We know that volts indicate voltage and amps indicate current. From voltage, resistance, using Ohm’s law, you can find out amperes.

The law is I = V/R.

Here, I is current, or amps and v are for voltage, R is for resistance of the battery. So, if you know V and R, you can easily calculate and find I for this battery. To take the voltage measurement, you should keep the multimeter to DC.

Final words

From this article, you now know all the important issues to determine how many amps are car batteries. The battery that comes with a high CCA rate will start faster in a cold temperature. Do not use a trickle charger for your car battery to keep the battery well for a long time.

For better maintenance and before replacing your car battery, you should learn all the necessary terms and measurements of the battery. It will help you select the correct battery for your vehicle

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