How Long A Car Battery Last While Playing Radio?

Playing a radio in a car repels monotony while driving. But when the engines are off, the radio drains the battery and finally causes a dead battery. So how long does a car battery last while playing car radio? There are some factors that cause your car battery to deplete faster while the radio is on.

While the engine is on, the car battery remains fully charged by the alternator. But when it’s off, the battery uses a reserve charge to run electric components in the car. That’s why, when you play radios for hours, it may cause the battery to die. 

 Here we are going to discuss how long a car battery lasts with the radio on. Which factors cause a car battery to run down quickly with radio and how to play the radio without letting the battery die. 

Can A Car Battery Die While Playing Radio?

Obviously, playing the radio can deplete a full car battery while the engine is off. Basically, every electronic component in your car runs on the power supplied by your battery. And the alternator recharges a car battery while the engine is on. 

But when the engine is off, the car battery supplies a reserve charge to run electronic components. When you play the radio, it also depletes your battery. Playing radio for a long time can deplete a car battery completely. 

But one thing you should keep in mind is that the radio requires little power to run. So if there are no other issues with battery drainage, It’ll take a long time to die while playing the radio. 

How long does a car battery last while playing Radio?

Technically car radios don’t need too much power to run. So if your car battery has it in its proper shape, you can listen to satellite radio for more than (12 volts) 10-20 hours before it’s totally depleted. Nevertheless, some factors may cause the battery to drain faster than expectable hours. 

Most modern automobiles with 12V car batteries have a 60AH capacity. So it can run a 6amps electric component for 10 hours. On the other hand, a typical radio runs on five amps power supply. But with other functions, it may need more power.

Depending on the radio display, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, etc., it may become more hungry than usual. Extra-equipped accessories with a radio like GPS and video playing also can drain your battery faster. However, playing the radio for 4-6 hours while the engine is off is the safest time to listen. 

In addition,  if you turn on the headlights, AC, or other electronic components in the car, it may cause battery depletion within hours. However, it’s not a good choice to turn on electronic components when the engine is off.  It depletes the battery faster and causes dead batteries.

Ways to Listen to the Radio Without Draining the Battery?

Listening to the radio without draining any battery is impossible. You can reduce the drainage while listening. It needs some steps to follow to do so.

First, charge your car battery fully. It’s important if you want to listen to the radio for a long time while the engine is off. You can easily charge your car battery by driving it for several minutes, and a full charge will support it for four to six hours before starting the car again.

A portable radio is the best solution for listening to the radio for a long time. It will not exhaust your car battery at all, and you can even recharge it with a power adapter in your car.

Roaming with your car while listening to the radio can be the other option to avoid a dead battery because Alternator will Charge your car battery while roaming. 

Final words

It’s very rare that playing radio ruins a car battery at all without other issues. A good strong battery can support you for a long time while listening to the radio. But if you face battery failure while playing radio, there may be other issues. 

It’s good to inspect if your car battery can’t support while playing the radio. But you shouldn’t play on the radio for a long time. But you can listen to the radio for at least 4-6 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does listening drain the car battery?

Answer: Yes, listening to music or radio can drain your car battery while the engine is off. Every electronic component turned on drains the battery while the engine is off.

Question: How long does a car battery last when playing music? 

Answer: Radio and soundbox are not the same. On average, you can listen to music for  4-5 hours before your car battery goes down, and this is because car stereos are upgraded for better sound quality.

Question: How long do car batteries last with the radio on?

Answer: Actually, it depends on the condition of the car battery. You can listen to the radio for 10-20 hours before it is fully dead. But it’s safe to listen for 4-6 hours while the engine is off. 

Question: Can a car battery die while listening to the radio?

Answer: Yes, playing the radio for a long time can deplete a car battery fully. On average, you have 10-20 hours to play the radio before your car battery is fully dead. 

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