H8 vs H9 Battery: Head to Head Comparison

Do you want to replace your older car battery? If you think so, the H8 battery and H9 can be two options because of their popularity around the world. H8 and H9 both are similar in use, but what is the difference between H8 and H9 batteries? 

Yes, there are some specs and features that differ between them. Both batteries have different dimensions, capacity CCA, RC rating, and other features. 

H8 vs H9 battery comparison you’ll find major differences between the H8 battery and the H9 battery which may help you to choose the correct battery for you. So read the article before your battery replacement. 

Car Battery Group size:

What does H8 mean on a battery?

If you think H8 and H9 are BCI standard batteries then make a change of it. Both are DIN batteries. DIN code is familiar in European countries. 

DIN refers to Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Industrial Standard). Again, BCI refers to Battery Council International which is popular in the USA. 

However, H8 and H9 batteries can be compared with BCl Group size also. The H8 battery is equivalent to group size 49. So what size is H9? H9 represents group size 95R of the BCI group.

H8 vs H9 Battery Differences:

H8 and H9 are quite similar in use and specs. But there are some differences that are noticeable. 

If you think of replacing your battery among these two batteries, you had better know the following differences between them. Let me show you the differences between the H8 battery and the H9 battery in short. 

Overview of H8 battery and H9 battery

Name H8 Battery  H9 Battery
Dimension 15 x 6.875 x 7.1875 inches 17 × 13 × 13 inches
Weight 57 to 63 pounds 65 to 75 pounds
Group size (bci group) 49 95R
Capacity  80-95 Ah 21 Ah – 50 Ah
CCA Rating 850-950 Amps 801-1050 Amps
RC Rating  160-170 minutes 180 to 210 minutes


1. Dimension 

There is a big difference in the dimension of the H8 battery and H9 battery. The H8 is a smaller battery than the H9 battery. The normal dimension of the H8 battery is 15 x 6.875 x 7.1875 inches, Where the H9 has the spec of 17 × 13 × 13 inches dimension. 

Genuinely, the H9 is bigger than the H8 battery. With extra height, width, and length, H9 contributes more capacity, CAA, and RC ratings. It’s extra heavy too.

2. Terminal Position

Both batteries are similar in this spec. H8 and H9 have the same terminal position. That means, the positive Terminal locates at the top right front and the negative terminal locates at the top left front. But it varies in different industrial brands.

Most brands of group batteries use  SAE automotive battery terminals, while others add  M6/M8 bolts. 

3. Capacity 

The amount of current a battery can provide in a certain period is the capacity of that battery. The amp-hour capacity of both car batteries is so assured that they are quite popular with car owners. Though H8 and H9 are quite similar in use. But they have different ranges of amp-hour capacity for 20h. H9 can offer more amp hours in your car battery. 

H8 offers 80-95 Ah @ 20h capacity. As The H9  is a larger battery than the H8, it offers 21-50 Ah @ 20h capacity.

4. CCA Rating

CCA or Cold Cranking Amperes refers to the performance of your battery in cold weather. At 0 Fahrenheit temperature, amperes that discharge in 30 seconds is the number of CCA. High CCA means it’ll perform better in cold weather.

However H8 battery and H9 battery have a significant difference in CCA. H8 battery has 850-950 Amps. You will get more CCA in the H9 battery. It offers 801-1050 Amps. So H8 vs H9 CCA comparison shows H9 has better CCA. 

5. RC Rating 

CCA is the indication of performance in cold weather. RC or Reverse Capacity is the performance measured in warm weather. It indicates how long a car battery can perform without the support of an alternator. 

However, if you compare the specs between H8 and H9 batteries, you’ll find a  remarkable difference between them. H8 battery will perform 160-170 minutes if the alternator fails to recharge your car battery. But the H9 battery will perform 180 to 210 minutes if the alternator fails.

6. Weight 

H8 vs H9 dimension comparison shows H9 is bigger than H8.  It’s very normal to be heavier than H8 too. H8 is around 57 to 63 pounds and H9 is around 65 to 75 pounds. Basically, internal components in H9 make it heavier than H8. 

However, H8 and H9 both have a certain range of weight because of different build quality. Some other factors, facilities, and features are added to different brands.

Other Factors

You can find some more differences between both battery types. Among them, the cost is another one. H9 is more costly than H8 as it features better specs. 

Cost depends on the brand. Different brands feature different built quality and quality materials, that’s why cast varies in different brands. Besides, battery life also depends on the brand and built quality. They also give good service for different purposes. 

H7 vs H8 vs H9 battery: 

Before we jump to the conclusion, I think you also need to know the differences between other DIN batteries of the same category. H7 vs H8 vs H9 battery comparison will help you make a better choice overall. However, let’s know the specs of those three.

H7 battery features 12 3/8 x 6 7/8 x 7 1/2 inches dimension, weight 51 pounds, 80 Ah capacity @ 20 Ah, 850 amp CCA and RC rating is  140 minutes. Its BCI group size is 94R

H8 battery features with 15 x 6.875 x 7.1875 inches dimension,  weight 57-63 pounds, Capacity 80-91 Ah, 850-950 CCA, 160-170 minutes of RC rating. Its BCI group size is 49. 

H9 battery features with 17 × 13 × 13 inches dimension, weight 65-75 pounds, capacity 21-50 Ah, CCA 810-1050 amps, RC rating 180-210 minutes. Its BCI group is 95R.

You can see there are too many differences like battery size, CCA, RC rating, weight, capacity, etc. But you’ll find all of them as AGM batteries.

Which One Should Buy:

For car battery H8 vs H9 head-to-head comparison, it is clear that both can be used for the same purpose but the difference between H8 and H9 makes them different. The overall summary is, that H9 is stronger than H8 in every spec. 

But still, you need to think about which one is the right battery for your car. H9 fits in your car. It’s better to choose H9 for its better specifications rather than H8. But the cost is the fact here. If H9 is in your budget and it fits in your car you should purchase H9 for your car.

Final Words:

After all, car performance depends on the car battery a lot and battery performance depends on which one you choose. H8 and H9 both are popular for their better service. But the concern is which one is the right battery for your car.

This article shows head to head comparison between H8 and H9. Hope it can help to make your choice in buying the correct battery for your car.

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