Group 24 Vs 27 Batteries: Head to Head Comparison

That means the group 27 battery is 1.8125 inches long with the same width and height. Actually, this slight difference in length has made group 27 batteries feature extra weight and capacity, and high CCA and RC ratings.

1. Weight

As mentioned before, the difference in length made group 27 batteries more weight than group 24.  The approximate weight of Group 24 is 22 lbs to 57 lbs.  On the other hand, Group 27 weights 57 lbs to 70 lbs. These ranges vary according to internal materials used in different industries. 

Group 24 vs 27 weight comparison indicates a 25-35 lbs discrepancy between both groups.  As you see, weight differences between the two groups are mentionable, so it’s wise to choose the ideal one according to power need. 

2. Capacity 

In a certain period of time, the amount of current a battery can provide is Its capacity. A battery with a higher capacity can provide electricity. If we look for these two types of deep cycle batteries, they have different ranges of capacity for 20h. 

Group 24 offers 20h capacity in 75-85 Ah while Group 27 battery provides 20 h capacity in 66-110 Ah range. If you compare Group 24 vs 27 amp hours, there is approximately a 25-35 Ahs difference. 

3. Reverse capacity

In 0 Fahrenheit, at 10.5 volts how long a battery can provide 25 amps of current that measures in reverse capacity. The higher reverse capacity rate of the battery is sufficient. 

 In this measurement, Group 24 features 140 to 175 minutes while Group 27 performs for 170 to 220 minuHave you ever faced the fact of what battery group size means? If you have any connection with boating and fishing or using an automatic deep cycle battery then you’ve faced the question? Group 24 and Group 27 marine batteries are two common deep cycle batteries that are used for different purposes. 

As a newbie or irregular user, you may have many confused about these two types of battery groups. Here, in this ” Group 24 vs 27′ article,  we are going to discuss the general specifications of deep cycle batteries like group 24 and group 27 batteries, amp-hours, dimensions, weight, capacity, reverse capacity, etc.

I hope this article will provide you with an upright knowledge about marine batteries and their group sizes. It also may help you pick a suitable battery between group 24 battery and group 27 battery.

BCI Battery Group

You may find reasonable group numbers while flip-up a battery. It may be group 24 or group 27. So what does group 24 or group 27 mean? Okay, Battery Council International or BCL made up manufacturers’ industries to standardize battery size for global standards. 

By choosing Group 27 batteries, you are choosing a common size which is standardised globally through manufacturing, price and facilities can vary according to industries. There are different group sizes like group 24, group 27, group 29 and group 31, etc. These all are standard groups of deep cycle marine batteries.So what is the difference between a 24M and 27M battery? Normally, you may find the letter M, which refers to watercraft usage.

Group 24 vs 27 battery

Are group 24 and group 27 batteries the same size? The answer is no, Group 24 and group 27 are the two most common deep cycle batteries. These two automatic battery groups are quite similar in use but have significant differences in specifications. Here are some General dissimilarities between Group 24 and Group 27.

General Overview of Group 24 and Group 27

Parameter Group 24 Group 27
Dimension (L × W × H) 10.25 × 6.8125 × 8.875 inches 12.0625 × 6.8175 × 8.875 inches
Weight  22 lbs to 57lbs 57 lbs to 70 lbs
Capacity  75-85 Ah 66-110 Ah
CCA  500-840 Amps 600-1000 Amps
RC 120-180 minutes  140-220 minutes 


Let me show you the overall specifications of the two groups before you decide to purchase any of them.

1. Dimensions 

If you come to the consideration about Group 24 vs group 27 dimensions, you’ll find they are almost the same except for the length. Group 24 Battery dimension is 10.25 × 6.8125 × 8.875 inches. And Group 27 battery dimension is 12.0625 × 6.8175 × 8.875 inches. 

tes. So if you have a high tendency to stay in water bodies for a long time then you should look for a higher RC rating battery.

2. Cold Cranking Amps(CCA)

RC rate is a measurement of warm weather while CCA or Cold Cranking Amperes is considerable for cold weather. CCA is the number of amps that can discharge in 30 seconds in 0 Fahrenheit temperatures. It’s better to have high CCA in your battery while you are in cold weather. 

Group 24 features 500-840 amp while Group 27 features 600-1000 CCA. You may find Group 27 batteries are better for cold weather. Actually, it depends on your vehicle’s power consumption. If you have a powerful vehicle you need a high CCA featured battery but if yours are not, group 24 is enough. 

3. Other Factors 

There are some other small factors that might be the same in both group-size batteries. But it may vary in different manufacturing industries. Group 24 is less costly than group 27. Group 27, while featuring better amp hours, capacity, CCA, and RC, cost slightly more than group 24.

 Besides, having sustainable built quality, extra terminals, high-quality material, and other features, some bands charge extra costs for the same group size batteries. Nevertheless, charging systems are the same in both groups. Generator, solar power, and shore power are common three ways to charge deep cycle batteries.

Which One Is For You?

From all the comparisons that are detailed here, you may find Group 27 batteries are the best option for you. But when it’s about to cost and accommodation, it’s hard to stick with Group 27. Actually, both groups are ideal for different sectors.

Group 27 and group 24 are different in their dimensions, so find out which fits your vehicle. Then take a look at amp-hours, which can give maximum performance. Weather can be another consideration for your choice. Warm weather requires better RC ratings and cold weather requires better CCA. The better RC or CCA the better for your vehicle. 

Group 27 performs better in all circumstances and has more power than Group 24. If the cost doesn’t matter and the size fits in your vehicle it’s better to go for Group 27.

Final Words

Automatic battery groups have different sizes and variations. Group 24 and group 27 are the most popular and widely used. For trolling motors and marine use, these two groups are so common that inexperienced people become confused about which groups fit for their vehicle.

This article covers a better comparison of Group 24 and Group 27. It shows the differences between a Group 24M and group 27M battery. Information and knowledge that is mentioned may help you in choosing the ideal battery for your vehicle.

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