Top Rated 6 Crosswind Tires Reviews in 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide for All Season Tires & FAQ

Tires have no less importance than the fuel of a vehicle. In a figurative and literal manner, it is safe to say that tires allow our vehicles to keep going. Every time you want to replace your tires, eventually you get another opportunity to enhance your driving experience. So selecting the best and appropriate tires is a very crucial matter otherwise it can be terrible for our driving life. Are you getting trouble finding inexpensive but excellent featured replacement tires for your vehicle? The best Crosswind Tires Reviews are here to help you find the best tires for your car.

Why You Need Crosswind Tires ?

In my review, I am going to explore the best tire series from the Crosswind tyres brand. Crosswind has instilled an unique taste inside its users to crave for the same replacement everytime. Each of their tire has its own special quality and is perfect for a specific driving taste and road type. Its these intricate deliberations that allowed all these tires take over the market by thunderstorm. Not to mention, they always produce all season tires. So be patient, read, explore and pick the one that fits your criteria for your awesome ride.

Best Crosswind Tires Reviews in 2022

So it’s time to face it. You do not need to use your fortune to find a set of tires. You do not need to invest a lot either to compromise with the top-notch quality. The enlisted Crosswind tires are precisely what you need and it is one of the best tire brands available in the market.

1. Crosswind HP010 All- Season Radial Tire-235/60R17 102H

Important features

  • Rated H, S and V performance
  • Contains solid center rib and improved performance and handling
  • Rapid expulsion of water using the circumferential grooves
  • M&S rated, all-season dry traction performance

If you are looking for a high performance tire that can work on all seasons then your best bet will be to look for HP010 all season radial tire. No matter what season goes on, this tire will be a true performer. Hence, this product is rated M&S.

Small SUVs, CUVs, and all types of cars are suitable for this high efficient tire. Additionally, it contains a solid center rib which ensures better control and handling, and it will make you love this truly responsive tire. You will find this tire stable in most street conditions, this feature enables you to get the proper control in your hand.

They made these tires robust, tough, and strong which secures the highest performance for you to get from this tire. Wide circumferential grooves are available in this tire. Hydroplaning decreases by these grooves and obviously, this helps for a better connection with the roads. The passengers and the drivers are being secured by these extra safety features.

The highly optimized tread design and development maintain the road noise lower than most of the top brand tires. In short, this tire makes sure that you should get a riding experience that will be greatly noise free as well as comfortable.

Crosswind HP010 All- Season Radial Tire-235/60R17 102H
Crosswind HP010 All- Season Radial Tire-235/60R17 102H
  • All year round performance,
  • Very much responsive to action
  • In Uniform Tire Quality Grade Rating, it is a little bit low rated 
  • Tread life is not lifetime

2. Crosswind M/T Mud Radial Tire-35X12.50R20LT 121Q LRE 10-Ply

Important Features

  • Specially made for off-road riding
  • All-season performance ensured
  • Strong shoulder blocks
  • Great traction on unpaved streets
  • Affordable

If you are looking for a tire that can aid you during all the different types of weather conditions, then Crosswind m/t LT35/12.50R20 Is perfect for you. This tire is specially built for all types of Pickup, Jeeps, and SUVs.

Maximum performance is ensured as this tire is produced durable and strong. The design of this tire contains aggressive looking bits that ensure superior performance whenever you go on off-road zones. This tire also comes with a broad block pattern. This pattern will allow you greater traction whenever you wish for riding your car on unpaved areas.

Moreover, this tire covers with strong shoulder blocks and shallow central grooves to keep your car operating in diverse hard and tricky road conditions comfortably. Besides making the tire better in running on difficult street conditions, they also added a puncture proof feature. As a result, you will feel very much comfortable with your tires and you do not need to change the tires frequently. It saves your time as well.

You do not need to worry about wet roads as the tire is designed to get full control in your hand. Also, the maximum contact with the routes, when all the surroundings are in the water, will be ensured by the special block design. So, you have a negligible risk of losing your car’s control.

Anyone can purchase these tires in different metric and LT sizes. And shops like Amazon or Walmart etc. As a result, you will be very much flexible to choose the best size for your car.

Crosswind M/T Mud Radial Tire-35X12.50R20LT 121Q LRE 10-Ply
M/T Mud Radial Tire-35X12.50R20LT 121Q LRE 10-Ply
  • Available in 16” to 20” Metric,
  • Different LT sizes with decent rear view,
  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 13 inches,
  • Weight 67 pounds,
  • ASIN regulated,
Things I Haven’t Liked
  • Wires a bit rapid than other tires

3. Crosswind A/T All-Season Radial Tire-265/65R17 112T


Important features

  • Water expulsion and also self-cleaning
  • Quality and comfortable riding experience
  • Fuel efficient and economical 

Another fantastic all season tire by Crosswind is A/T model. This tire is economical on one hand but on the other hand, it is a great performer especially at the time of performing in various weather conditions. This tire is made for SUVs, small trucks, Radial vehicles, and also Passenger vehicles.

Crosswind A/T tire comes with a large tread lug design which ensures the highest contact with the road in different conditions such as dry, wet or muddy. Moreover, they have put technology of biting the road to remove water or mud and rush well.

Your long drive will not affect the good tire looking as it contains a self-cleaning design and material which allows the tire to be neat and clean automatically. Additionally, if you drive on a muddy street and use only water to clean it, you will find your tire as good as it was at the time you brought it. This feature will help you to improve the appearance of your auto.

Not only just in appearance but also keeps the performance similarly great. Therefore you can assure about getting optimum performance for a large scale of time. Nonetheless, this tire is developed to be fuel-efficient and it will help you to make smooth riding in different road conditions.

Crosswind A/T All-Season Radial Tire-265/65R17 112T
Crosswind A/T All-Season Radial Tire-265/65R17 112T
Things I've Liked
  • All-season tire,
  • Be able to clean quickly and easily,
  • Maximum connection to the road,
  • Highly economical,
  • Smooth performance on every surface
Things I Haven’t Liked
  • The performance drops a little bit in snow surface

4. Crosswind M/T Mud Radial Tire-30X9.50R15LT 104Q LRC 6-Ply

Important features

  • Highly modified grooves to get better safety in wet conditions
  • Strong shoulder blocks to ensure the highest puncture resistance
  • Wet surfaces get an extra grip by Sipes 
  • Wheel alignment

If you are seeking a mud area tire for regular basis usage then Crosswind M/T is for you. This tire is best for use in SUVs and/or small trucks.

Wrap around shoulder tread pattern, rugged and special directional pattern has been built in all seasonal Crosswind M/T tires. All these features made this tire perfect for rushing on muddy roads. The open tread design provides greater traction and superior gripping capacity in different types of weather conditions. For instance, winter, wet or dry.

The wide tread groups provide help to the tire for avoiding hydroplaning. It effectively clean the sludge, mud, and water from underneath the tire. That’s how maximum control of your car tires has been ensured for you. It is worth mentioning that your controlled handling is also secured by the directional pattern of the tread and the shoulder block.

Apart from this, a self cleaning mechanism is one of the best must-buy features and qualities of this tire. Quick and easy cleaning and elimination of snow or mud are assured by the open pattern design system. Moreover, it is very simple to remove the rocks that have stuck between them. It prevent utmost usual damages which are caused by the road conditions, this quality features the tire very much durable.

Crosswind M/T Mud Radial Tire-30X9.50R15LT 104Q LRC 6-Ply
Crosswind M/T Mud Radial Tire-30X9.50R15LT 104Q LRC 6-Ply

Things I've Liked
  • Treads design is open
  • Built for muddy tracks
  • All-season performance tires
  • Self cleaning feature
  • Great grip system for all types of weather
Things I Haven’t Liked
  • It could be a little bit light

5. Crosswind 4X4 HP Radial Tires For All Seasonal Usage -255/60R19 109H

Important features

  • Wide circumferential grooves help traction and excellent expulsion of water

Another recommended product for all seasonal tires is Crosswind 4X4 HP all season radial tire. This tire is available for SUVs, Wagon automobiles, and CUVs. This tire is heavily made for an easy and comfortable riding experience.

If you are looking for a tire specially made for highway running then this is for you. This product will provide you with almost a similarly easy and comfortable driving experience across all the different seasons as this tire is manufactured by focusing on all seasonal usage. This tire contains a wide circumferential groove. These grooves ensure the facility reduces hydroplaning by using the water removal function from the traction points as much as possible. This mechanism helps for ensuring the better secure grip of the tire in different weather conditions. Therefore, you get maximum security and handling control with minimum effort.

Crosswind 4X4 HP Radial Tires For All Seasonal Usage -255/60R19 109H
Crosswind 4X4 HP Radial Tires For All Seasonal Usage -255/60R19 109H
Things I've Liked
  • All-season performer tire,
  • Lowered noise,
  • Enhanced control over handling,
  • Smooth running on the expressway
Things I Haven’t Liked
  • Not so adequate for muddy tracks

6. Crosswind Eco Touring All- Season Radial Tire-185/70R14 88T

Important features

  • Slotted shoulder design maintains biting grip in street and removes water
  • Superior performance, traction, and cornering
  • Rim Diameter is 14 inches

If you are looking for high value performance and all seasonal touring tires then Crosswind eco touring could be the best option for you.

This tire offers some modern features. It contains a slotted shoulder and rib design which provides premium performance and traction. SUVs, Sedans, Compacts, Coupes, and Minivans are mostly suitable for this eco touring tire. The tire sizes are available from 13 to 16 inches.

The company of the tire gives a special treadwear warranty of 55000 miles. In addition, they provide a free 1 year road hazard protection program. Another important part is that you can benefit from taking free replacement for workmanship and material under the first 2/32 of treadwear.


Crosswind Eco Touring All- Season Radial Tire-185/70R14 88T
Crosswind Eco Touring All- Season Radial Tire-185/70R14 88T

Things I've Liked
  • Provide a high-value tire,
  • Provides an easy, quiet and comfortable ride on the roadway,
  • Heavy ride without compromising traction performance,
  • Come with a modern rib design
Things I Haven’t Liked
  • A little bit heavy,
  • A bit weak sidewall

Why You Should Choose Crosswind for Buying All Season Tires and What Makes it one of the Best Tire Brands Today


Some special qualities have made Crosswind, one of the best tire brands in the world. Shandong Linglong Tire Co. LTD is the proud creator of this brand. It provides premium quality, versatility, reliability, durability as well as the best value for your money.

Different tires for diverse purposes are provided under the brand Crosswind. All of the models are offered and manufactured for a broad range of vehicle types. You will simply get the one that will be suitable for your vehicle from the versatile collection of tires. 

You will be amazed to know that Linglong has survived for no less than four decades. They entered the USA market by establishing their subsidiary in Ohio by opening a technical and design center. Crosswind tires are being distributed in Canada and the USA through TBC Brands markets.

Various qualities of Crosswind meet the eye. Below I am providing some facts that make Crosswind one of the best tire brands.

i. Flexibility and Adaptivity of Various Features

A diverse and eye catching range of products places a brand in a remarkable position and it goes beyond its competition. The professional likes the versatility of Crosswind products. Crosswind producers for medium radial truck and light truck tires to SUV tires and passenger tires.

Crosswind provides an extensive portfolio of products. Ranging from all positions to trailer and combined service patterns. Besides, they offer an entire series of eco tires similar to the premium brands which contains the feature of low rolling resistance.

ii. Premium Quality

Cross wind tires are made under the provision of a qualified and well established management team. Here you could wonder if the word Linglong in English translates to lovely or charming but you can be sure of getting the premium feature, quality, and stability.

In addition, especially for the American market Crosswind performs a superior product performance testing program which is done on a contract basis.

Every Crosswind tire is developed through the use of advanced and creative engineering. Their product speaks for it. American DOT, China 3C, and European ECE have awarded certificates to Linglong.

Crosswind ensures for their customers get maximum satisfaction and quality. You will get a warranty for each and every Crosswind tire. Undoubtedly they have assured you are getting a quality product. Say no to low quality.

iii. Reliability

Many times people become suspicious of buying Chinese tire products, and that’s totally fine. This step will most probably improve your opinion and likelihood to change your mind. In 2013, Linglong started their first international production facility from Thailand and nowadays Crosswind produces most of the tires there.

As well, Linglong is in the third position in China among the tire manufacturing companies. You will be amazed to know that they have achieved over sixty national standards and also they achieved the mark of inventing more than 300 patents. Crossland supplies their product to renowned brands all over the world like Tata, Ford, Hyundai, GM, Volkswagen, Tenant-Nissan etc.

iv. Best value for money

Usually, a customer feels satisfied if he/she can purchase the product at a rate that can extract the maximum return from it. Without a doubt, In this matter, Linglong company knows this fact well as well as plays well with it. They deliver optimal value for your money. Moreover, Crosswind has a name in the market for offering the best and first-class quality at a low affordable price. Cheap tires are not on their list.

If you wish to compare tires with any other American counterpart companies with Crosswind, you will definitely see the difference. In another word, you will find minor and negligible differences in quality but a significant difference in counter price. Admittedly most of the time meeting and many times surpassing the American standards while keeping the low prices point in the tire market, and it is not an easy job.

If you wish to acquire the most bang of your buck then Crosswind’s tires have no alternatives. 

How to make Long-Lasting of your Crosswind Tires?

As I already mentioned that Crosswind has superior technology to be self cleaned. Nonetheless, it is not the only way to take good care of your tires. Now I will discuss a few tips and tricks of taking care of your Crosswind tires for their long lasting life.

1. Review the damages: After some highway driving, check the conditions of the tires. Especially check for the damages. Remember, the damages will be greater if you choose to drive with the damaged tires.

2. Do not drive at the utmost first level: the service life of the tire reduces continuously if you drive your vehicle too fast. So try to drive at a modest and reasonable speed.

3. Prevent overloading your vehicle: Every tire has a particular limit to take the loads up of your car. Now you need to refer to and review your user manual to explore the limit. Many times overloading the tires harms to a great degree and it might blow up.

4. Keep appropriate inflation pressure: you should not inflate your tire too little or too much. You should always know the modest level of inflation and keep it within the range because overinflation harms the tire.

5. Maintain cleaning procedure: As you might already know that keeping the tire clean will brighten the look of your car. Moreover, it will help you to find the damages, tears and wears easily and quickly. As a consequence of this procedure, you can always secure before any major damage occurs. Always have a additional tire as backup.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Crosswind Tires:

1. Does Crosswind provide any warranty or guarantee?

Cross wind definitely has warranty policies. But it will totally depend on which tire model you are buying. Different models have different warranty policies. As well as there are some easy terms and conditions also. You should read it before buying and you will find those on the Crosswinds website or user manual.

2. Do Crosswind tires run smoothly on muddy tracks?

As I already mentioned, Crosswind has a particular model called Crosswind M/T, a mud terrain tire a.k.a mt tire, which is specially built for muddy trails. And this model is all season performer as the treads of this tire is particularly developed for this type of work. So my point is all the tires of Crosswind are not perfect for operating on muddy tracks.

3. Does Crosswind produce the best tires in the marketplace? Compared to Michelin, Coupe.

Actually, the answer to this question will be different from perspective to perspective. And the answer will not be bound to yes or no. Nonetheless, Crosswind is one of the best tire manufacturers throughout the world. And the quality of their tires proves this over and over again. There is no doubt that you can comfortably depend upon Crosswind if you relay on quality. Linglong provides a reasonable price for their tires and it will be the best bet for you to choose them. Undoubtedly, you can say that Crosswind is the budget king and offers the best price among all the brands.

4. Where are crosswind tires manufactured?

Linglong crosswind tires are created and developed in Thailand and China. The Crosswind manufactures in Liuzhou China, Dezhou, and Zhaoyuan City.

5. What does plus sizing means?

Plus sizing refers to rising in the rim diameter which is caused by the actual fitment while keeping the same complete diameter and car tire performance.

6. What is the distinction between an LT with P-metric?

LT is created particularly for light medium radial truck tires while P-metric is created particularly for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

Final Thoughts

The idea of buying Crosswind tires is quick math. Maximum quality in minimum money. In short, you are paying reasonable money and they will provide you the maximum quality anyone can expect from the expenses. You will find all their products very much strong and will be with you long time because all of them are made of durable materials.

I really hope that the Crosswind tires review has provided you with more light on this premium tire brand. Now you have only a job to find out which type of Crosswind tire you need for your vehicle and get yourself on the superior tire brand in the marketplace.

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