Why Are My Brakes Squeaking


Driving a way lessens the distance. To enjoy driving on a long way or to reach a certain destination in a short time, we all prefer a peaceful Driving experience. If the brakes make unwanted noises along the way, it pierces like a fish and we fail to enjoy the driving. In addition it irritates immensely. 

It is quite important to drive smoothly without any hassle. It is obvious that you can not drive with peace of mind when your brakes are squeaking while pressing the brake pad. 

You may want to know, Why are my brakes squeaking as well as How to stop brakes from squeaking. 

I am here with the things that you need to know if you have squeaky car brakes.

Top 3 Reasons of Brake squeaking

You may wonder
why my brakes are squeaking. So let’s explore the top 3 reasons and solutions of Squeaky brakes. 

  • Worn Brake Pads
  • Braking hard
  • Rust in Brake Rotor

Worn Brake Pads

When your brake pads get worn out, you’ll find
abnormal noises and vibrations coming out while braking

Moreover,  it is dangerous and risky to drive with worn brake pads.

It is not necessary that squeaking brakes refer to worn brakes. There are other reasons too. Are thinking of How to know if your brakes are squeaking due to worn brakes?. It is easy to find out if your brakes get worn. 

Let me share a few signs of a worn brake pad. Marks on the brake rotors, Throbbing brakes, Grinding sounds, needing more effort and pressing to achieve braking,  metallic squeal are the signs of worn brake pads. Besides brake pads appearing thinner than a ¼ inch is also considered to be a sign that your brake pads are worn. 


The best way to deal with this problem is to replace the brake pads with new ones.  By doing so, you are not only avoiding the discomforting sounds but also ensuring safety. The
new brake pads cost around 130 USD to 400 USD. It differs according to the types of vehicles.

Braking Hard 

One of the common
reasons why brakes squeak is to brake hard. If you are used to braking hard most often then it is time to change the habit. Constant hard braking can lead to damage to the rotors. It also overheats and impairs your brake that can trigger brake failure which is extremely dangerous. 


To prevent this situation you need to adapt the habit of braking slowly while driving. 

If you are already facing the problem,  you should inspect and take your vehicle for a brake service. 

Rust in Brake Rotor

Rust is always unwanted in any way.  Though rust in brake rotors is not highly alarming, it weakens the rotors’ working capability gradually. However it
causes abnormally loud noise or squeaks which is irritating in all ways. 


What should be done if the brake rotors get rusted? 

When you know the brake is producing unwanted grinding noises or squeaking sounds due to heavy rust, you need to replace the brake rotors. But if there is light rust in the brake,you need not worry. The rust will wear off after driving a few miles. 

In addition to the above reasons, You might think, “why are my brakes squeaking when they are new?”

Then the answer is low quality brake pads, dirty brakes, using no lubricant on the brakes, poor installation of brakes also can cause brake squeaking. So just with a slight consciousness, you can stop brakes from squeaking

How long do brakes last after squeaking? 

Usually, new brake pads last up to 40,000 miles. Sometimes, it varies depending on its quality. 

But It is nearly unpredictable how long do brakes last after squeaking as the lasting capability of the brake pads depends on many factors. For example, the status of brakes, heavily damaged or lightly etcetera. 

If your brake is highly damaged it can stop working anytime. If it is so, the brake needs to be replaced soon. 

Squeaking brake is a warning that your vehicle is in need of servicing. 

If the squeaking is just caused by a slight rust, at the same time your brakes are quite new and made of good materials, then just take it to your mechanic to remove the rust. In this way, your brake pads will go a long way.

How to fix Brake Squeaking Here I am gonna share the most effective ways of fixing the brake squeaking or you can say the reliable  tips of how to stop your brakes from squeaking. The methods are as follows.

  1. Install good quality brake pads
  2. Use Lubricants
  3. Clean the dust
  4. Get rid of the rust
  5. Proper brake servicing  

These are the main keys of fixing the brake squeaking.  

Install good quality brake pads

The first key to having squeaking free brakes is installation of good quality brake pads. It will reduce the possibilities of brake squeaking. 

Use Lubricants:

You can apply lubricants of good quality to stop squeaking. It is a huge help. It is also an affordable method to get rid of the irritating grinding noise.   

Clean the dust:

It is not always that you’ve got worn brakes or low quality brakes. Sometimes it’s just the dust that is creating the hassle. Just clean the brake pads and other related mechanisms properly and fix the squeaking brakes.

Get rid of the rust:

Do your favourite vehicles get to sing badly in moisturizing weather? You have nothing to worry about. It may happen due to not so deep rust in your brake. So just drive for a couple of miles and get rid of them. Or you can take your car to the brake service too.   

Proper brake servicing:

Sometimes your brakes do need proper servicing.  So make sure to repair or do brake servicing from an expert mechanic. It matters a lot. 

Do squeaky brakes mean they need to be replaced 

In short the Answer is no. Because sometimes the squeaky brakes can be repaired instead of replacing the brakes. The most important thing is to diagnose the exact
reason for your squeaky brakes, then you can repair the brake pads or can replace them with new ones depending on its necessities. 

Conclusion :

In the end, I will say that taking care of Your brakes is
the easiest way of not having brake squeaking.  Still if you are facing it then I hope the above ways will help you. 

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