Why Is My Car Battery Smoking?

Smoke from a car battery is one of the most common battery problems. You may see clouds of smoke emitting from your car hood. Sometimes you hear a hissing sound or find smells like rotten eggs. Whatever you experience, this is not normal for your battery to smoke. These may be indications of the battery … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Desulfate A Battery?

If you have a car and use the battery, you’ve probably run into a weak battery problem. Aside from significant battery problems like broken battery cases and leaks, sulfation buildup is the most common cause of early battery failure. Regarding lead-acid batteries, sulfation is a problem that is a weakness in a car. But you … Read more

Group 24 Vs 27 Batteries: Head to Head Comparison

That means the group 27 battery is 1.8125 inches long with the same width and height. Actually, this slight difference in length has made group 27 batteries feature extra weight and capacity, and high CCA and RC ratings. 1. Weight As mentioned before, the difference in length made group 27 batteries more weight than group … Read more