Battery Bubbling while Charging: Cause and Troubleshooting

If you are using batteries like golf cart battery, AGM battery(Absorbent glass mat), lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, marine battery, lithium battery, and gel battery, then you will get shocked if you hear a storm bubbling while charging. 

Battery bubbles can happen for many reasons like high electricity voltage, overcharging, etc.

So to reduce your tension, we are here to inform you about the causes of battery bubbling and its troubleshooting.

What are the causes of bubbling batteries?

There are multiple reasons those are accountable for battery bubbling. But it happens when the electrolytes of the electrolyte solution can not convert the electrical energy to chemical energy.  

Though there are reasons outrageous heat, charging process, charging voltage, the water level of the battery, battery capacity, battery life, etc. 

And these grounds same goes for batteries like car batteries, lead acid batteries, gel batteries, marine batteries, lithium batteries, etc. Some of the reasons are given below:

1. Inaccurate process of charging:

You require to know about your battery’s profile. For example, you can not charge flooded batteries with the charger of golf car batteries. You need to use the correct battery charger. The actual charge volts of some batteries are given below:

Battery types Actual charge voltage
Gel (Sealed batteries) 13..8 volts to 14.1 volts
AGM batteries 14.4 volts to 14.6 volts
Flooded batteries 13.8 volts to 14.7 volts


2. Excessive heat:

You need to give a proper rest after charging your battery. If you don’t do this, the next time you charge, it will boil. And don’t charge the lead acid battery at a temperature of more than 50°C.

3. Battery life:

If your battery is in an ancient condition, then boiling can happen. For this situation, you can use distilled water. But also, you need to consult with your manufacturer about your battery.

4. Overcharging:

If you overcharge your battery, then it will boil. And if you do this with high voltage electricity, then the electrolytes will flow more, and they will boil and bubble. 

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Troubleshooting guide for battery bubbling:

We all know that in a sealed battery, there is a lead plate. The battery is filled with hydrogen gas, electrolytes, and lead sulfate. And due to sulfation, the electrolytes will flow. 

The water will break down into hydrogen and oxygen ions for the electrolysis process. During this process, batteries like VRLA batteries or marine batteries can burst out. So when you are going to make a solution for your battery, do it safely.

1. Watering the battery:

When you will see about bubbling the battery, then you have to ensure enough watering the battery. But you need to use clean or distilled water that will not make any kind of reaction with battery acid. When you provide water, then read the warning like “Keep the vent plugs open.” 

2. No overcharging:

The battery will make a bubble if you overcharge it. So if you don’t want trouble with the battery, don’t overcharge it.

3. Utilize a suitable battery charger:

Try not to use any other battery charger with the battery. If you use the right battery charger, then the boiling will reduce.

4. Cooling down:

When you provide a charge to a battery, then give it proper rest after full charging. 

5. Shutting down:

When batteries like golf cart batteries or car batteries don’t stop bubbling, then it is better to shut them down.

Worst scenarios of battery bubbling:

For battery bubbling, there can be a lot of accidents. So you need to take precautions, then this will happen:

  1. Short circuit
  2. Battery burst out
  3. Shortening the life of the battery
  4. Shortening the life of the battery charger
  5. Making electric battery plates, etc.


You will find the active material in a battery like battery plates, hydrogen gas, electrolytes, battery terminal, battery cell, etc. When a battery is bubbling, then the effect will be on all of them. 

At a certain point, they will stop working as the battery will be damaged. So you need to be careful about your battery and battery bubbling. And if our suggestions can help you, don’t forget to let us know. Also, give us hints about what you want next!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can a smart battery charger be a solution for battery bubbling?

You can find a smart charger at your nearest market. If your charger voltage goes the same as the battery voltage, then it can be a better solution.

2. Do golf cart batteries make bubbles while charging?

Normally, how much you provide charges a battery that will not make a bubble or any kind of noise. If golf cart batteries make bubbles, then it can be for any internal problem.

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