Are AGM batteries good for car audio?

Suppose you have noticed your car battery is not enough for the car audio system. You don’t know what to do. It happens with most of us. In that case, you have to look for an extra battery for the car sound system. 

 Moreover, you can also upgrade your old car battery. There are various types of car batteries available for car audio. The gel cell batteries are for marine, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Thus, the AGM batteries can work as a starter battery for your car. Are AGM batteries good for car audio? 

It is a common question about car audio batteries. We have analyzed different car batteries that can work well for car sound systems. If you want good quality audio while driving your car, then you can invest in a second battery.  Here we come up with the idea of car audio batteries. Also, you will know the compatibility of AGM batteries with car audio systems. 

What is called an AGM battery? 

AGM battery is the acronym form of Absorbed Glass Mat. It is known as one of the best batteries for car sound systems. Along with that, it has the robust built quality and durable features.

The AGM technology provides positive and negative plates. Also, it helps to store maximum power. It offers noiseless and vibration-free capacity. Mostly, it is a common battery for motorcycles, power banks, submarines, and cars. The AGM batteries can be an alternative choice of lithium batteries. 

Reasons to get an AGM battery for a car audio system

As you are looking for a battery for developing your car sound system, you have to look into some features. 

Built quality 

Firstly, you have to consider the built-in features and materials. It makes the AGM batteries better than conventional batteries. Moreover, it offers a maximum current draw of 13.5A.

The sealed lead-acid battery can be suitable for the additional battery. Thus, it has the excellent built quality of a car audio battery.

Cold Cranking Amps 

You should pick the AGM battery with the highest cold-cranking amps. Mostly, the AGM battery comes with higher CCA than a lithium battery. The cold-cranking amp range should be a minimum of 1,000 to a maximum of 3,500.


AGM as known as absorbed glass mat offers the deep cycle. Maximum AGM batteries provide around 100 to 1200 cycles. It helps to improve the sound system. A deep cycle battery can support you with long-lasting service.

Reserve capacity 

If you choose a top-quality AGM battery, then you will get a reserve capacity of 60 minutes to 150 minutes. You have to look into the amp-hour count. Checking the reserve capacity can be helpful for you.


For the second battery, you have to check the weight before buying the battery. Along with that, this additional battery can be a support system for the original battery.


You have to measure the space for the battery. Then determine the battery size. If you are installing it as a second battery, then you should take a small size AGM battery.


Along with that, you must check the compatibility before buying an AGM battery. Otherwise, you can not install the secondary battery appropriately into your car.

Battery life

The battery life of AGM technology is around three to four years. It is better to check the battery life to ensure durability.


Hereafter, you have to maintain it properly. Recharge your dead battery on time. Keep the battery charger near to the storage. Try to keep it cool as much as you can. 

Moreover, check the vibration level of the battery. If you are looking for a low-maintenance battery, then you can choose Interstate batteries.


You must look into the warranty of the battery. As you are going to use it regularly, you will need a durable one. The average warranty of an AGM battery is around 2 years.

Are the AGM batteries worth it? 

If we analyze the features, the AGM battery can provide excellent performance. Experts suggest installing the AGM battery for its supreme and long-lasting service. 

According to the price, it supports you with amazing service. Also, you will get a smooth experience with AGM batteries. 

 It is different from traditional batteries. As it protects from vibration and noise, it can prevent sound pollution. Obviously, it is a worthy battery for your car. 


According to our opinion, AGM batteries are better for car audio. Though it is not cheap as other batteries, it is durable and sturdy. There are some brands like Optima battery, Interstate battery, Odyssey battery, XS power battery, and Mighty Max battery. They manufacture the best AGM batteries for car audio. 

We can recommend the XS Power D3400 AGM battery. It is one of the deep cycle batteries. Along with that, it has been ranked as the best car audio battery of 2021. If you are purchasing an AGM battery, take care of it carefully. You should take care of the battery. Clean it sometimes. That’s it. 

Frequently Asked question 

  • How many years can I use the AGM batteries?

The AGM batteries can last for three to five years. As an extra battery, you can use it for more than five years.

  • Are the AGM batteries expensive?

Yes, it is more expensive than traditional batteries. The price range of AGM batteries is around $200 to $300.

  • Is it possible to charge the AGM batteries with a normal battery charger? 

You can recharge it with a normal battery charger at a charge level of 70% to 100%. 

  • Can an AGM battery enhance car audio quality?

If you install a secondary battery for the car sound system, it will enhance the audio quality. With the spill-resistant and vibration-free capacity, you will get a great sound in your car audio system.

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