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The reviews we give to you are produced based on intensive discussions by auto-enthusiasts in the AutoLaureate Forum on everything that is automotive – from new brand cars, aftermarket parts, available car insurance to car fragrance dispensers etc. that are hosted on a regular basis. If you are still curious about our criteria of product selection, you shall find this page helpful.

Editorial Members

Tom Dante

An expatriate in the US, Tom specialises on the European automotive brands from his decades of experience in Italy. Now he works for a leading automotive repair shop in CA and his innumerous interactions with automotive customers give him the latest and intricate knowledge of the brands.

He has been maintaining an automotive blog for almost a decade, which he started to virtually connect with and share his up-to-date knowledge with his clients.

Now, he is a major contributor to the AutoLaureate team, enabling him to reach thousands of those in dire need of reviews and suggestions, who surf the net before choosing any product only to get his relevant guidelines for their decision .